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Promotions and Reductions: Question #
Soldiers are required to have their promotion points recomputed at least how often?
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1 .
What regulation prescribes the policy and procedures governing enlisted promotions and reductions?
2 .
What should you look for when recommending an individual for promotion?
3 .
What is meant by "inefficiency"?
4 .
What must be done for soldiers (SGT and below) who meet advancement or promotion eligibility, without waiver, but are not recommended for promotion?
5 .
What is the purpose of the secondary zone?
6 .
Name five reasons that a soldier may be administratively reduced.
7 .
What are the three different ways that a soldier may be reduced for misconduct?
8 .
What are the normal TIS and TIG requirements for promotion to PFC?
9 .
What are the normal TIS and TIG requirements for promotion to SPC?
10 .
What are the objectives of the Army promotion system?
11 .
What is the maximum number of waivers that may be requested when recommending a soldier for promotion?
12 .
Who has the authority to administratively reduce soldiers in the grades E-2 through E-9?
13 .
What are the three levels of promotion?
14 .
Promotion to SGT/SSG represents what level of promotion?
15 .
An administrative reevaluation may be requested at any time for soldiers who believe they have increased their latest promotion score by __ or more points.
16 .
How many "zones" are there for promotion to SGT and SSG?
17 .
In the event that you have 20 or more points to add, when are you eligible for promotion using the new points?
18 .
What are the TIS and TIG requirements for promotion to SGT?
19 .
What are the TIS and TIG requirements for promotion to SSG?
20 .
Who has the authority to promote soldiers in the grades E2 through E9?
21 .
What is a "total" reevaluation?
22 .
What is the time requirement for board appearance for both the SGT and SSG board as of the first day of the board month?
23 .
When may a soldier request a total reevaluation?
24 .
When is a soldier promoted to PV2?
25 .
What are the two types of promotion point reevaluations?
26 .
What is the composition of a promotion board?
27 .
What are the three types of promotion point worksheets?
28 .
What is the NCOES requirement for promotion to SGM? SFC? SSG? SGT?
29 .
Who sits on a promotion board?
30 .
What is DA Form 3355?