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M4 - 5.56 mm Semiautomatic Rifle: Question #
Describe the procedures for clearing the M4 Rifle.
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1 .
What is the FM concerning the M4 Rifle?
2 .
What is the first thing you should do when you handle a weapon?
3 .
Name the five phases in Basic Rifle Marksmanship.
4 .
What is the purpose of a weaponeer?
5 .
What are the four fundamentals of marksmanship?
6 .
During Preliminary Marksmanship Training (PMI), what are the only two positions taught?
7 .
What are the two basic elements of the Sight Picture?
8 .
What does the acronym SPORTS stand for?
9 .
What is remedial action?
10 .
Describe the proper procedures for applying remedial action with the M4.
11 .
Describe the proper procedure for applying immediate action with the M4.
12 .
What are the steps required in order to mechanically zero the M4?
13 .
What are the steps required in order to battle sight zero the M4?
14 .
Is SPORTS an Immediate or Remedial Action?
15 .
What is immediate action?
16 .
How many times should immediate action be applied to a weapon?
17 .
What is a malfunction?
18 .
Name the different categories of malfunctions for the M4 Rifle.
19 .
What is stoppage?
20 .
How do you clear a stoppage?
21 .
What is the definition of Maximum Effective Range?
22 .
What does CLP stand for?
23 .
Describe the M4 Rifle.
24 .
What are the 7 types of ammunition that can be used with the M4 Rifle?
25 .
Describe the weights of the M4 Rifle without mgazine and sling, with sling and loaded 20 round magazine and with sling and loaded 30 round magazine.
26 .
Describe the max effective rates of fire for the M4 Rifle.
27 .
What is the muzzle velocity of the M4 Rifle?
28 .
Describe the ranges for the M4 Rifle.
29 .
Describe the Barrel Rifling for the M4 Rifle.
30 .
What is the basic load of ammunition for the M4?