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Weight Control: Question #
How many times is each measurement required to be made?
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1 .
What is meant by the term "overweight"?
2 .
Who is responsible for meeting the standards prescribed in AR 600-9?
3 .
What are the primary objectives of the Army Weight Control Program?
4 .
Name some limitations on personnel that are overweight, including Soldiers who become pregnant while on the weight control program?
5 .
Can a Soldier who has been flagged for being overweight or an APFT failure receive an award?
6 .
When is a determination of percent body fat required to be made on personnel?
7 .
What are three reasons why the Army is so concerned about excess body fat?
8 .
When does enrollment in a weight control program begin?
9 .
Tape measures used for taping should be made of what material?
10 .
How often should soldiers in the weight control program weight in?
11 .
What is the required weight loss goal for Soldiers on the Army Weight Control Program?
12 .
What regulation covers the Army Weight Control Program?
13 .
Screening table weights and heights are measured to the nearest what?
14 .
What three things must happen when a soldier is determined to be overweight?
15 .
How often should soldiers be weighed?
16 .
Define Tape Test:
17 .
What circumference sites are used for taping male and female soldiers?
18 .
How many times is each measurement required to be made?
19 .
How many people should be utilized in the taping of soldiers?
20 .
If circumstances prevent the weighing of soldiers immediately following the APFT, when can they be weighed?
21 .
It is a requirement that all TDY and PCS orders contain what statement in regards to weight control?
22 .
In regards to percent body fat, all personnel are encouraged to achieve the more stringent Department of Defense-wide goal of what?
23 .
To assist soldiers in meeting the requirements prescribed in AR 600-9, weight-screening tables are used. The screening weight is based on what two considerations?