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Army Programs: Question #
When is the AER annual fund campaign held army-wide?
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1 .
What does ASAP stand for?
2 .
What is the mission of ASAP?
3 .
What are the objectives of ASAP?
4 .
What is meant by deglamorization of alcohol?
5 .
What army Regulation covers ASAP?
6 .
Is ASAP participation mandatory for Individuals that are command referred?
7 .
What will happen to Soldiers who fail to participate in or fail to respond successfully to rehabilitation?
8 .
What are the ways that Soldiers can be identified as having a substance abuse problem?
9 .
What are the objectives of rehabilitation with ASAP?
10 .
What are the objectives of bio-chemical testing (also called a urinalysis)?
11 .
Commanders may direct drug testing under what conditions?
12 .
All ASAP referrals are accomplished by the Commander or 1SG using what form?
13 .
Can Soldiers that are enrolled in an ASAP rehabilitation program reenlist?
14 .
Will Soldiers who are command referred to ASAP be flagged?
15 .
What Does ACS stand for?
16 .
What does the ACS symbol represent?
17 .
What is the ACS mission statement?
18 .
What Army regulation covers ACS?
19 .
How is ACS staffed for the most part?
20 .
What is the motto of the ACS?
21 .
Who qualifies for ACS?
22 .
What can you do to help out ACS?
23 .
What regulation covers the ACES?
24 .
What regulation covers Army Learning Centers?
25 .
What are the goals of ACES?
26 .
What does TABE stand for?
27 .
How much of your tuition does the tuition assistance grant pay?
28 .
Name some federal financial aid programs available to Soldiers through ACES
29 .
What are some of the basic services offered by the Army Continuing Education Center?
30 .
What Soldier development programs does ACES provide?
31 .
What does DANTES stand for?
32 .
What does DANTES do?
33 .
Soldiers with a GT score of less than 110 should be referred to what?
34 .
Soldiers who begin their active service after what date are eligible to receive the new GI Bill?
35 .
What does SOC stand for?
36 .
What does SOCAD stand for?
37 .
AER closely coordinates with what other organization?
38 .
What is AER?
39 .
What does AER stand for?
40 .
What is the Army Regulation that covers AER?
41 .
Are you required to contribute to AER to receive help?
42 .
Who does AER help?
43 .
How are monetary contributions made to AER?
44 .
When is the AER annual fund campaign held army-wide?
45 .
How does AER provide financial assistance?
46 .
What is the purpose of AER?
47 .
What is the dollar limit on AER loans?
48 .
Failure to repay an AER loan (unless repayment would cause undo hardship) will cause the Soldier's name to be placed on an AER restricted list which is disseminated Army-wide. What does this mean for the Soldier?
49 .
What is the AER Motto?
50 .
The minimum amount that can be contributed to AER through allotment is what amount?
51 .
How is AER funded?
52 .
What is the purpose of the Army Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program?
53 .
The Army's policy on Army Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program applies where and when?
54 .
What are the goals of the Army Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program?
55 .
Define sexual assault.
56 .
Sexual assault includes what acts?
57 .
More than half of sexual assault offenses include what?
58 .
Prevention of sexual harassment is whose responsibility?
59 .
Define the following terms as they apply to the Army Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program: victim, alleged perpetrator, and perpetrator.
60 .
What is the Army's policy on sexual assault?
61 .
If someone has been sexually assaulted, to whom may they report the crime?
62 .
Army Regulation 27-10 outlines the rights of crime victims, what are they?
63 .
What must Commanders do to implement and support the Army's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program?
64 .
What are the categories of sexual harassment and give some examples?
65 .
What does EO stand for?
66 .
What is an EOR?
67 .
What rank should an EOR normally be?
68 .
What are some of the special commemorations / ethnic observances listed in AR 600-20?
69 .
What Army Regulation covers the EO program?
70 .
What are the goals of the EO program?
71 .
What are the three policies each commander is required to publish and post on equal opportunity?
72 .
Soldiers are required to have how many periods of EO training per year?
73 .
Define the term ethnic group.
74 .
Define the term racism.
75 .
Describe minority group
76 .
What is sexual harassment?
77 .
What is an Affirmative Actions Plan (AAP)?
78 .
What action does the Army take against off-post activities, including housing and public accommodations, which arbitrarily discriminate against members of the Army and their dependents?
79 .
Who is the primary source for solving EO complaints?
80 .
What is the Army's written policy on EO?
81 .
What is the primary channel for correcting discriminatory practices and for communications on equal opportunity matters?
82 .
Does every unit have an EO representative?
83 .
What does AFAP stand for?
84 .
What Army Regulation covers the Army Family Action Plan?
85 .
When was the AFAP program established?
86 .
The AFAP program creates an information loop between whom?
87 .
The AFAP program's process of improvement begins where?
88 .
The Army family has been symbolized by the Secretary of the Army as an equilateral triangle. How is each side of the triangle expressed?
89 .
The philosophy toward the family, based on the Army Family White Paper, consists of three critical elements. What are they?
90 .
What are some things that the AFAP does?
91 .
What types of programs are focused on in the "Family of Components"?
92 .
What type of programs are focused on in the "Family of Units"?
93 .
What is the basis for the Army theme, "The Army family"?
94 .
What types of programs are focused on in the Family of People?
95 .
What are some activities that the American Red Cross offers?
96 .
How is the ARC staffed for the most part?
97 .
What is the major service that Red Cross offers?
98 .
What Army Regulation covers Red Cross?
99 .
What Army Regulation covers the Army Retention Program?
100 .
What are some reasons that a soldier may be ineligible for reenlistment?
101 .
What is an SRB?
102 .
What is the minimum number of years that a soldier must reenlist for to be eligible for an SRB?
103 .
Can a Soldier request separation if a bar to reenlistment is imposed?
104 .
Describe a Bar to Reenlistment.
105 .
A Bar to Reenlistment is reviewed how often?
106 .
Who can initiate a Bar to Reenlistment?
107 .
Who is the final approving authority for a Bar to Reenlistment?
108 .
Soldiers SGM and below who have not reenlisted under the indefinite reenlistment program are required to receive Retention Interviews. When are they done?
109 .
Who may lift a Bar?
110 .
What type of fire extinguisher must not be used on electrical fires?
111 .
Who is responsible for the Army Safety Program?
112 .
The word SAFETY is often associated with what term?
113 .
What accounts for the majority of accidents?
114 .
Accidents are reported in accordance with what regulation?
115 .
3 safety features commonly found in any barracks.
116 .
What safety features are stressed in the motor pool?
117 .
How often are fire extinguishers in the barracks required to be checked for serviceability, and how can this be determined?
118 .
What AR covers safety?
119 .
Where on post can you find out how many privately owned vehicle accidents that were fatal have occurred this year?
120 .
Should there be a sponsorship program for a soldier departing a unit?
121 .
What Army Regulation covers the Total Army Sponsorship Program?
122 .
What is S-Gate?
123 .
What DA Form is used to transmit sponsorship requirements to gaining commands?
124 .
How soon after the DA Form 5434 is received should a sponsor be assigned?
125 .
What are the general rules for appointing a sponsor?
126 .
What are the six elements of the sponsorship program?
127 .
The primary goal of the Army's QOLP is to promote the development of military group commitment and cohesiveness, is essential to what?
128 .
What are some examples of the QOLP?
129 .
What does QOLP stand for?
130 .
The Army's Quality of Life program is dedicated to the precept that the Army's number one operational resource must be taken care of. What is this resource?
131 .
Quality of Life needs and the programs and actions to address them, are categorized under two general headings. What are they?
132 .
Who is the senior enlisted advisor to the BOSS council, and approves members selected to serve on BOSS committees?
133 .
According to AR 215-1, what does the BOSS program provide?
134 .
What type of program is BOSS?
135 .
How many officers are on the BOSS council?
136 .
What is the lowest level unit that has a BOSS council representative?
137 .
What are the 3 pillars of BOSS?
138 .
What is CHAMPUS?
139 .
What Army regulation covers CHAMPUS?
140 .
Who is Eligible for CHAMPUS?
141 .
What Does DEERS stand for?
142 .
What is DEERS used for?
143 .
What does NCODP stand for?
144 .
What is the goal of NCODP?
145 .
As with all leader training and leader development, who is responsible for NCODP?
146 .
NCODP is typically managed by whom?
147 .
What are some objectives of NCODP?
148 .
What Army Regulation covers NCODP?
149 .
What is the purpose of AR 350-1?
150 .
In order to accomplish battle-focused NCO development, commanders and unit NCOs should follow what procedures?