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Drill and Ceremony and Military Courtesy

Correctly navigate a group of soldiers using basic moving techniques and use proper military courtesies

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Task, Conditions, Standards

Task: To correctly navigate a group of soldiers using basic moving techniques. To learn and use basic Military Courtesies in the everyday work environment.

Conditions: Given FM 22-5, A block of instructions and a group of highly motivated soldiers.

Standard: To correctly maneuver a group of 3 or more soldiers from a designated point to another designated point using all the moving techniques learned in the class. Also to use proper military courtesies depending on the situation.

Movement Techniques

Column Left/
Column Right

File from the Left/
File from the Right

Counter Column

Open Ranks

Military Courtesy

Proper respect for rank

Reporting to the Commander/1SG

Officer/NCO entering a building/room

Greeting of the day

Saluting Officer's with Greeting of the day

Giving the Greeting of the Day to all personnel

Off duty

Personal Dress

Actions during off duty

Respect to Rank

Officer/NCO Entering/Leaving a building

Greeting of the Day

Off Duty

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