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Airborne Ranger (In Combat)

Created by: james waldron

my home is ft.benning georgia.
the land that time forgo-ot.
the mud is 18 inches deep,the sun is blazing ho-ot.
(air,bor,or,or,orn rang er,er,er-er-er).
sitting in my foxhole,my boots are caked with mu-ud.
look over at my buddy,his face is caked with blood.
(air,bor,or,or,orn rang er,er,er-er-er).
you hear the choppers comming,theyre flying overhead.
they come to take the wounded,they come to take the dead.
(air,bor,or,or,orn rang er,er,er-er-er).
your seargents in the foxhole,a bullet in his head.
the medic says hes alright,but you know hes dead.
(air,bor,or,or,orn rang er,er,er-er-er).
you hear the 60's popping,you see the dragons fly,but you cant help but wonder if youll be the next to die.
(airbor,or,or,orn rang er,er,er-er-er).

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