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Online Advertising Degrees Ad Up for Soldiers

Created by: Natalie Peeterse
Posted : Tuesday, May 01, 2007
We see advertising everywhere, everyday.  The advertising industry itself is so big and diverse that it offers a career for almost everyone, whatever their interests.  Soldiers can get the education they need to succeed in this competitive field while still in the service, thanks to online degree programs. Here’s how!
Launch Your Ad Career with an Online Degree
Advertising campaigns sell many types of products and services. It require a bit of creativity, a pinch of business sense, an understanding for how certain images or messages affect people, and an employer you can truly stand behind. Right up your alley? Start off on the right foot with an online advertising degree.Courses in advertising from most online universities vary by school and discipline, but typically include: brand marketing, publishing technologies and consumer behavior.  There are also online coursework designed to help you communicate with an array of customers through using cutting edge technology.

Show Your Stuff in the Advertising Industry!
An online degree in advertising opens the door for a number of careers , both creative and otherwise Employers prefer hiring those who are enthusiastic and goal-oriented—perfect for soldiers. They want somebody who knows his or her stuff and can meet deadlines. All the self-discipline and time management you learned in the Army can easily be translated into to a successful advertising career. It all begins with a solid education.

Get Ahead in Life: Promotion Points and Tuition Assistance
Did you know the Army can help you earn your advertising degree? Better yet, your advertising courses can actually help you get ahead in the service. The Army’s Tuition Assistance Program will help you pay for your classes. This program helps pay for courses in any subject, including online courses. Meanwhile, rack up 1.5 Promotion Points for every unit of civilian education you earn, up to 100 points. It’s a true win-win situation.
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