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Performance Professional Growth Counseling

The information contained within this section is for use as examples only.  This information IS NOT meant to be a shortcut to "knock out a counseling, but rather a source for ideas to aid in the preparation of a counseling.  If you have information which you would like included in this section, please submit it to us.  We will add your information as "submitted by" if you would like.

We do not accept submissions of counseling statements that were obviously copied and pasted off a Soldier counseling statement.  We will also not accept sample counseling statements that list information that could lead one to believe that it is from a certain unit or in any way, be tracked back to a Soldier.  When submitting a counseling, please make reference to SOLDIER, not an actual or fake name.  Do not reference any other personnel by name, instead us NCO, Rank or Position.

Again, we welcome counseling samples.  Everyone may need a little help at some point and your submission could help out a fellow leader that may be stumped for ideas.

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» Performance standards, initiatives and professional growth Areas
Developmental counseling statement sample covering Performance standards, initiatives and professional growth Areas

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