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Troops To Teachers: Launch Your Teaching Career

Do you enjoy working with children? Would you get a kick out of teaching a child the multiplication tables or plant science? Through the Troops to Teachers Program (TTT), you can transition from the Army into an elementary school classroom. This program was designed to help with the financial and professional transition , and also to help understaffed schools provide students with the quality instruction that they need.
Elementary School Teachers Teach It All!
As you probably recall from your early years, an elementary school teacher instructs one class of students all day, illuminating a variety of subjects. Because of this, you have to have a wide knowledge base and an endless bag of teaching tricks. Many states now have standards that your students will be tested on, and you will be in charge of their learning.

Your classroom will be filled with students from all ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds. Your experience traveling in the Army will help you relate to a class filled with such diversity. What's more, your experiences will serve as a foundation for teaching them about the world outside of the classroom. In other words, the skills, discipline and knowledge you honed in the Army will go a long way in shaping young minds.

How to Start Your Career in Education
In order to begin this transition, consider pursuing a bachelor's degree in education. You can do this online from anywhere you are stationed, using your tuition benefits. Next, you'll need to earn a credential, and then apply for jobs that are located anywhere from on base to online elementary schools.  With the help of the TTT program and a degree in education, you can open up the world of ideas to America's children.

In 2004, elementary school teachers earned around $45,000. As more and more baby boomers retire from long teaching careers, more classrooms will need more disciplined and dedicated teachers than ever before.

Advance Your Army Career with Civilian Education
Need another reason to pursue an online degree in education? You can earn 1.5 Army Promotion Points for each unit of civilian education you complete, up to 100 points. In other words, you can advance your military career and your post-service career at the same time.

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