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An Online Degree Can Lead to a Career in Information Technology

Created by: Team Quinstreet

Posted :Wednesday December 13, 2006
Information Technology (IT) is one of the most popular and fastest growing fields in the U.S. job market .  It’s a high tech world we live in, and someone needs to program it for us.  That someone could be you.  In fact, a soldier can prepare for a career in Information Technology while still in the service.
The Online IT Degree is a Good Investment
Through the Army Tuition Assistance Program, soldiers can take courses online, and even earn an online degree in Information Technology.  Courses from most universities include instruction in computer systems, networks and data, project management, and human-computer interaction, among others.  IT degree holders have a number of lucrative career options once they graduate.  Qualified applicants can earn $40.00-$60.00 an hour working in an advancing and innovative field.  There are opportunities in IT all over the country, so you can live and work where you want.

 What You Would Do in Your IT Career
With an online degree in Information Technology, you could work for almost any company you would like--small or large.  An Information Technology Specialist at the Walt Disney Corporation, for example, would work with team members managing, analyzing, and building applications in Florida.  Since almost every employer requests applicants that are hard working and able to work both independently and in teams, former service members are a perfect fit.  Skills gained in the Army are easily transferred to a career in IT.