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MOS 13E to Data Processing: Blow the Competition Out of the Water

As a cannon fire direction specialist (MOS 13E), you're well-versed in the latest technologies used to guide cannons. It might be hard to believe, but this same technology is used in many computer and data processing jobs in the civilian sector . The computer industry could use your skills and experience. Consider rounding out your resume with a degree in computer science.
From 13E to a Computer and Data Processing Service Career
Almost every industry relies on computers and information technology. When organizations need help conducting business in the most efficient methods possible, they turn to the computer and data-processing industry. If you're interested in using your computer skills in the civilian sector, you can earn a competitive salary in a data processing position . First things first, though: you'll need a degree in computer science.

Cannon Fire Specialist turned IT Guru
Not sure you want to go for a full blown computer science degree? There are a number of other IT careers perfect for soldiers and veterans, such as network administration, computer information systems and even computer repair. You can earn a number of technical certifications as well, such as Cisco or Oracle certifications, in addition to your normal college coursework.

Military Education Benefits, DANTES and Beyond...
If you're still on active duty, you can use your education benefits to complete coursework towards an online degree in computer science. (Pst! That means you can study and serve at the same time!) You can get money for your courses and simultaneously earn Army promotion points, advancing both your civilian and military careers at the same time. If you've already left the Army, you can use your GI Bill to complete your degree. No matter the program, remember that because these courses are available online, you can complete your degree at your own pace, where and when you please. Finally, you may be able to earn your degree faster through DANTES' credit-by-exam program. Earn college credit without ever taking a test by simply passing a CLEP, DSST or ECE exam!

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