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MOS 00Z? Become a Human Resource Manager!

Created by: Natalie Peeterse

Posted :Thursday September 27, 2007
If you are an MOS 00Z, you're probably poised, commanding, and able to work with people from all over the country. If so, a civilian career continuing to manage and work with people is something to consider.
Command Sergeant Majors (00Z) to Human Resources Managers
Understanding what people are capable of and what best suits them comes naturally to 00Zs. Human resources managers help civilian firms effectively use employee skills, work to increase employee satisfaction, and provide job related training and development-all things you did as a Command Sergeant Major. This field is expected to grow faster than average through the year 2014, with median annual earnings ranging from $62,080 to $106,400.

A Degree in Human Relations
In order to make 00Z, you have many civilian education courses under your belt that you used to maximize your promotion points. Putting these credits toward a degree in human resources might help you become a more competitive applicant on the civilian job market, since you already have years of worldly experience under your belt.

The Army Can Help You Earn a Degree
You know it better than most! Either use your tuition benefits before you retire, or your Montgomery GI Bill to make the most out of your military benefits. Completing a bachelor's degree in human relations can help round out your application. Many of the courses you will need are available online, so even if you're reading this from overseas, you can get started right away.