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Criminal Justice: Fly With a Career in Airport Security

Translate your security experience from the service to a career in law enforcement in the civilian world. There are many institutions, including the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), who are actively recruiting veterans of the United States Army to help protect us all as we travel.
Earn a Degree in Law Enforcement
As the world becomes a more complicated place, so do criminal justice and law enforcement. Degree programs in law enforcement or criminal justice will help you understand the court systems and the judicial process. You will also learn about prison systems, security programs, psychology, sociology, rehabilitation and counseling. You can also focus on the nuances of human behavior in order to understand why people do what they do. You can begin a degree program in law enforcement online right now, using your tuition benefits.

A Career With TSA
With an associate's degree in criminal justice and your military training, you can begin working in security as soon as you leave the service. The TSA actively recruits veterans of the US Army. You can live and work anywhere you'd like--Hawaii for example. TSA is currently hiring screeners to work protecting air travelers by searching travelers, x-raying their carry on baggage. The TSA is looking for polite and focused individuals for these positions, which pay up to $35,000. Those with a degree can move up to management positions swiftly.

Online Degrees - Study While You Serve
Think your military lifestyle won't support your education? Think again! Thanks to the rise of online degree programs, you can earn your criminal justice degree while you serve, wherever you're stationed. You can even use your military education benefits to defer some of the cost, and several online schools offer military discounts. As if that's not enough, the DANTES program means your military experience could translate to college credit. Perhaps best of all, you can earn Army Promotion Points for civilian education, so you can advance both your Army career and your post-military career at the same time!

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