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Crank It Up: A Civilian Career as an Avionics Technician

If you worked as an Apache Attack Helicopter systems repairer (94K) in the Army, then you know you have the skills and abilities to continue your job in the civilian sector . Supervising and performing maintenance on Apache Helicopters teaches you to solve complex mechanical problems and be prepared for any situation--vital skills that can help you finish your bachelor's degree and prepare for your post-Army career .
A Degree in Computer Science
Because of your MOS, you probably have an interest in mathematics and electronics. You can take that interest and experience and put it to use earning a bachelor's degree. You can start this process right now, using your tuition benefits and leave the service prepared for a high tech career . Courses in computer science degree programs include training in computer organization, computability and complexity, operating systems, and basic programming, among other interesting topics.

A Career as an Avionics Technician
You can use your experience, and a degree, to build a civilian career as an avionics technician. You would maintain and repair components used for navigation and radio communications, weather radar systems and engines. The coursework you complete earning your degree will help you prepare for certifications you'll need from the Federal Aviation Administration in order to work in this field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, median hourly earnings for avionics technicians stood at $22.00 in May 2004.

Study While You Serve with an Online Degree or Certification
Whether you want to prepare for your career after the Army now, or want to earn 100 Promotion Points to advance your military career, online schools let you study whenever and wherever you want. Even while deployed, the classroom is never further away than an Internet connection. Even better, your education benefits typically cover online programs, so enrolling is much more affordable (if not free!). Many accept DANTES exams, such as CLEP or DSST tests, and offer military discounts. Do a bit of research to find one that suits your MOS, career goals, and military lifestyle.

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