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From Chow Hall to Restaurant: Become a Chef

As a Food Service Specialist (94B), you have more than a dash of the valuable skills that you can put to work in the civilian food service industry . Use your experience in the Army, stir it together with an education, and you've got a career in the making.
From a Chow Hall Food Service Specialist to the Bistro
You can feed an enormous number of hungry people at the same time, manage the logistics of organizing service lines, garnish food, cook on industrial quality equipment, and clean up on a large scale. This experience, combined with a degree in the culinary arts, can put you at the head of the line when you transition from the Army to the civilian career world . If you want to open your own restaurant or bistro, work as a chef in your favorite city, or work in some other capacity in the food service industry, start now.

Get Your Culinary Degree
A culinary degree offers coursework in baking, pastries, nutrition, food safety and sanitation, and cooking basics. Through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) program, you might be able to translate some of your experience in the Army into course credit toward your degree.

The Army Will Pay For Your Degree!
Tuition benefits are something you earn in exchange for service to your country. Use them! You can begin taking courses toward a degree online, no matter where you are stationed. By the time you are ready to transition out and begin your civilian career in the culinary arts, you should be well on your way to completing your degree.

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