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Calling All Recruiters- From the Military to the Business World

As a Recruiter (79R), you know how to talk and sell jobs to people. You have helped a number of new recruits figure out where they would fit in the Army and how to complete the training they need to get there. Many of these same tasks translate to a job as a civilian personnel recruiter, and often when great rewards. In the meantime, you can follow some of your own advice and begin the training you need to get to where you want to be once you leave the Army. (Hint: You can get started while you serve!)
Recruiters: Use Your Military Skills in the Civilian Sector Civilian personnel recruiters seek out applicants for specific positions, some of them hard to fill. They screen applicants and begin the interview process to fill job openings and promote career opportunities. Sometimes civilian personnel recruiters have to track down highly qualified individuals to fill a very specific niche. All of these are skills you already have as an Army Recruiter. You have recruited soldiers to fill difficult Military Occupational Specialties and worked with education incentives, like the Army College Fund, to get this accomplished. The only thing you need to focus on now is obtaining your bachelor's degree in business or human relations so you can compete for the best civilian jobs. How to Break into Civilian Recruiting In order to obtain a position like this, you need to combine your military experience with a bachelor's degree in Human Resources. You need to be able to speak and write with effectiveness and ease. You also need to have the skills to teach and supervise others, and work with people from all cultural backgrounds. You can begin completing the coursework you need for a business degree by taking classes online, no matter where you are now or where you're likely to be stationed down the road. Lucky for you, the Army pays for it. Use Your Tuition Benefits to Pay for School If you are still in the service, you can use your tuition benefits to take online classes and prepare for your post-Army career. If you want to return to school full time after you leave the Army, you can use your Montgomery GI Bill. Your best bet is to get started today.

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