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Calling All 75Bs - Get Your Business Degrees!

You can take the skills you have mastered as a Personal Administrative Specialist (MOS 75B) and translate them into a civilian career . Along with a degree in Business, you will be a prepared and competitive applicant on the national job market as you make your transition. Even better, you can online, while you serve, using your education benefits. You can even earn Army promotion points while you're at it!
From 75B to Executive Assistant and Beyond...
As a Personal Administrative Assistant , you have superior organizational skills. You know how to schedule meetings, process paperwork, and deal with people. You also understand how to integrate technology into these processes.

When you transition from the service, all of these skills can be applied to a career as an Executive Assistant , which is the civilian equivalent to your MOS. You can make great money organizing the business lives of top executives. Some may require you to have civilian training, however. Even if you don't have to, earning a business degree will open up a wealth of new career possibilities!

Get Your Business Degree
But in order to be a competitive candidate, there is no doubt that you need a college degree. With a degree in Business, you will be prepared for your new job. You will study accounting, marketing, management and economics, to name just a few courses. You can begin working toward this degree now, no matter where you are stationed. Taking online courses will expedite your progress toward a bachelor's degree.

Go to Business School Now, Get the Army to Pay!
Part of your compensation for serving in the Army is extensive tuition benefits. You would be a fool not to use them. You can complete a bachelor's degree in business for free through the tuition assistance program. You can even study online, while you work. Finally, you can earn up to 100 promotion points for civilian education, so you can advance both your Army and your post-military career at the same time.

Plan your education now, and you'll enjoy a smooth transition into the civilian workforce.

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