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Continue Your Service; Become a High School Teacher

High school marks an era of considerable growth and change. A student's teenage experience impacts his or her adult decisions, and quality teachers can make all the difference. A positive influence provides kids with the support and encouragement they need to make the most of their education, and, in turn, their lives. By becoming a public high school teacher when you leave the service, you can continue to serve your country in an entirely new way.
Career Spotlight: High School Teachers
Secondary school teachers typically teach one subject, or subjects that are closely related. So, if you have a passion for science, history or literature, you can spend your days sharing these subjects with many students. Most public high schools have active schedules, meaning every 60-90 minutes you will have a fresh batch of students to work with. You will help them study different aspects of your field deeply, preparing them for college and beyond.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that this field will continue to grow through 2014, with median salaries of about $45,000.

How Troops to Teachers Can Help Thanks to the Troops to Teachers Program (TTT), the transition from the service to the classroom is easier than ever. The program will also help you earn your teaching degree and acquire state teaching certifications. The TTT program will even place you in a high school that needs your skills and dedication.

Earn Your Teaching Degree While You Serve Begin your transition from the service to public education by starting your degree in education today. There are a number of quality schools and colleges that offer online teaching degrees, which means you can study now, wherever you're stationed. Some even offer credit for your military training, provide military tuition discounts and maintain flexible leave policies for students in uniform. You can use your military education benefits for online degrees, too.

Remember, the Army provides up to 100 promotion points for civilian education, so you can advance your military and civilian career at the same time. There's never been a better time for school. Prepare to serve the youth of your country today!

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