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68Ws: Step into a Health Care Career

As a 68W, health care specialist, you're probably aware of your career options in the civilian medical world. One path you might consider is physical therapist assistant. You already have many of the skills you'll need.
From Health Care Specialists (68W) to Physical Therapist Assistants
The skills you picked up as an MOS 68W--working with people from all walks of life, multitasking, etc.--can serve you in a civilian career as a physical therapy assistant . You would help perform exercises, massages, hot and cold packs, ultrasounds, and traction under the supervision of a physical therapist. You would also record patient progress in relation to these treatments and report back to the physical therapist.

Earn Your Associate Degree in Physical Therapy
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, many physical therapy assistants are trained on the job, but most employers prefer those who have earned associate degrees from accredited physical therapy assistant programs. These programs generally last two years, and are designed to help you become prepared for this job. In all likelihood, you already have many of the skills you'll need from your time in the Army as a 68W.

Tuition Assistance and the GI Bill
You can earn the degree you need to become a physical therapy assistant for free, right now. Using your tuition assistance benefits, you can take classes leading to this degree online, no matter where you are in the world. If you've already separated from the Army, you can use your GI Bill in order to complete a program.

68W-get to work on your post-Army career now!

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