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46R: Careers for Military Journalists

Military broadcast journalists (MOS 46R) have some wonderful experiences that can translate into the civilian media world. Radio announcers traditionally earn $10 to $21 per hour, but there is a whole new world of satellite radio programming out there, which is changing the market. Some personalities, like Howard Stern, are getting paid millions. Traditional radio is earning less money as more people download programs directly to their iPods. Here is some information you'll need to compete in this changing market.
46Rs' Military Skills Mesh with Civilian Radio
No doubt you worked with some cutting edge equipment while in the service. This can come in handy as you make the transition to the civilian job market. You also have some experience interviewing guests, preparing and producing programs, and acting as a master of ceremonies. You've probably also read news flashes. All of these skills are directly translatable to civilian radio.

Compete in Broadcast with a Degree
You have to be highly competitive to break into this field, especially these days. Having some formal training in communications or broadcast journalism can be a valuable asset to help you compete in this market. A degree broadcast journalism or communications, along with your extensive experience, can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

How the Army Can Help
Starting a degree program is easier than you think. Through the tuition assistance program, you can take courses at little or no cost. Many of the requirements for your degree are available online, so you can take them from anywhere in the world, wherever you're transferred (and around your strict military schedule). If you are still enlisted, these courses can help earn you promotion points as well. If you have already left the service, look at using your Montgomery GI Bill.

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