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CLEP for Soldiers: College Credit Without Classes

As part of your military education benefits, the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) funds College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Tests for no charge. These tests allow you to earn college credit by exam rather than through traditional classes-perfect for a soldier's busy lifestyle.

CLEP Tests for Military Personnel
Active Duty and Reserve military personnel in the Air Force/Reserve, Army/Reserve, Marine Corps/Reserve, Navy/Reserve, Coast Guard/Reserve, Army and Air National Guard and certain civilian employees are eligible for free CLEP Tests.

A CLEP Test is a credit-or-no-credit examination that takes about 90 minutes to complete. It allows you to demonstrate college-level achievement by taking and passing an exam. You receive credit for what you've learned through coursework, independent study, professional development, military service schools, travel, and life experience. Most colleges and universities accept a passing score on a CLEP Test as transfer credit; a single CLEP Test is generally worth 3 semester hours of credit.

What CLEP Test Subjects are Available?
Tests are available in more than 30 subjects as diverse as composition and literature, foreign languages, history and social sciences, science and mathematics, and business.

How Do I Take a CLEP Test?
To take a CLEP Test, make an appointment at your education center to speak to a counselor. Some posts require you to take a pre-test to prepare for the CLEP Test, to maximize your chance of success. Whether or not you need to take a pre-test, you should ask your counselor for recommended study materials, which you can check out of the education center or post library, in order to prepare for the test.

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