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Online Degrees - Study While You Serve

Posted : Thursday January 1, 1970
Created by: MSG Randall High, U.S. Army (ret)

Flexible Education to Fit Your Schedule
Studying online offers you much more flexibility than traditional college courses. With online college classes you don't have to commute to a college campus for class meetings, and you can do your coursework at home, on the job, or while you travel. Generally, you can set up a pace that fits your schedule, giving yourself an easier study schedule for busy weeks and a more demanding one when you have more free time.

Online courses are organized much the same as traditional courses. A professor gives instruction through online written or recorded lectures and chat sessions. The texts for your course might be regular books, which you need to order before the course begins, or electronic books you can view online or download. You might communicate with your classmates through e-mail or message boards. Weekly written response assignments ensure that you are keeping up with the course's reading load. At the end of the course, you should expect a final exam or a final paper project.

A Wide Range of Online Degree Programs
An ever-growing group of colleges and universities are recognizing the need for more flexible learning options by creating online degree programs. Whether you want to study electrical engineering or criminal justice, you can find a quality, accredited online program. The cost of earning an online degree varies, so make sure that you research your options before committing yourself to a program.

If you have some basic computer skills and the discipline to set your own schedule, an online degree might be a smart choice. Even if you are too busy to take on a heavy class load, completing one or two courses at a time can get you started on the path toward your degree.

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