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H – Glossary Terms

Created by: Melissa Werner
Posted : Monday January 01, 1900

high-risk pregnancy
A pregnancy with a higher than normal risk of developing complications. Such pregnancies include those with multiple fetuses or Rh incompatibility, and when the mother has had problems with miscarriage, pre-term labor, or placenta previa in earlier pregnancies.

Breast milk, rich in fat, produced toward the end of a feeding. A baby must nurse for a while (there is no set time -- it varies with the individual) to get the hindmilk.

A thin membrane that covers the opening of the vagina.

A birth defect in which a boy's urethra, through which urine and semen pass, opens on the underside of the penis rather than at the end. Almost always correctable with surgery.

The surgical removal of the uterus.

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