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Active Duty Information – U.S. Navy and Marine Corps

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Posted : Monday January 01, 1900
U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Active Duty Pregnancy Information


Expecting a baby is a wonderful, albeit daunting experience. And, of course, coordinating your life as a mother and as a member of the Navy / Marine Corps presents unique challenges. your Navy health care team is ready to provide you with exceptional health care, as well as the information, education, and the support you will need, as you take this journey which will culminate in the delivery of a healthy infant and your healthy return to duty.

As you embark upon your journey and whether you deliver your baby at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF) or a civilian facility, please keep in mind that when a servicewoman receives confirmation of a pregnancy, she is responsible for notifying her commanding officer (CO) of her diagnosis within a designated timeframe. The health care provider will need to provide you with a completed Pregnancy Notification Form for use in notifying your CO. This form will identify three time frames: Estimated Date of Confinement (EDC), the 20th week of pregnancy, and the 28th week of pregnancy. These dates are used by your command for planning purposes. The OPN/NAVINST 6000.1 and MCORDER 5000.12 Series provide guidance and detailed information regarding assignments and rest periods in relation to a servicewoman's pregnancy timeline. Navy and Marine Corps servicewomen are encouraged to consult their health care providers during the course of their pregnancy and recovery for guidance and support as they encounter work-related and healthcare issues, that will require decision making.

Useful Policy References:

  • OPNAVINST 6000.1 Series: Guidelines Concerning Pregnant Servicewomen.
  • MARINE CORPS ORDER 5000.12 Series: Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test and Body Composition Program Manual.
  • OPNAVINST 6110.1 Series: Physical Readiness Program
  • OPNAVINST 1740.4 Series: U.S. Navy Family are Policy.
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  • NAVMEDCOMINST 6320.3 Series: Medical and Dental Care for Eligible Persons at Navy Department Facilities.

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