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The National Guard's Tuition Assistance Options

Posted : Tuesday January 30, 2007
Created by: MSG Randall High, U.S. Army (ret)
As a member of the National Guard, you are entitled to participate in exciting programs that give you money to further your education. This money is provided in addition to your regular pay, so it is not a loan that you'll have to repay. Many soldiers find that the money from the National Guard covers 100% of their tuition expenses. Using money from the Military Tuition Assistance Program and the Montgomery GI Bill, you can earn your degree without straining your budget.
Tuition Assistance Options and Requirements
The National Guard pays 100% of your tuition, with a few stipulations: The cost of your courses cannot be more than $250 per semester credit hour, and you can spend up to $4,500 per year. However, your state might supplement this assistance with additional funds. Check with your local Guard for more information about your state's benefits. Also, some colleges and universities offer additional financial assistance for students in the National Guard.

In order for you to receive tuition assistance, the National Guard requires that you attend an accredited college. These colleges meet a set of rigorous academic standards, so you are guaranteed a high-quality education, and your future employers know that you are well prepared for your career. Also, you must complete all of your courses before your term of service ends.

The Montgomery GI Bill for the National Guard
As a soldier in the National Guard, you are also eligible for money through the Montgomery GI Bill. You can receive up to $309 per month if you are enrolled full time. The maximum amount you can earn over a period of 36 months is $11,124. You might also be eligible for a Montgomery GI Bill Kicker, which is an additional stipend of $350 a month for up to $12,600 over 36 months while you are in school.

The Benefits of Education
A good education opens the door to better job opportunities and teaches you how to communicate with a diverse group of people. It can also help you in your military career. For example, studying engineering in college--or getting an online engineering degree--could make you a better National Guard communications or logistics specialist.

With the National Guard's help, you might find it easier than you ever thought possible to fund your college education. The range of tuition assistance programs available offers you lots of options for earning your degree.

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