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Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear: Question #
What are the 5 levels of MOPP?
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Questions in this topic: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear

1 .
What are the 5 levels of MOPP?
2 .
What does JSLIST stand for?
3 .
What does MOPP stand for?
4 .
When under an NBC attack, when do you give warning?
5 .
What are the proper masking procedures?
6 .
What does C.B.R.N. stand for?
7 .
NBC hazards are classified into two types, what are they?
8 .
What will replace the Nerve Agent Antidote Kit (NAAK) based on shelf life expiration dates?
9 .
What is the number of Antidote Treatment Nerve Agent Autoinjector (ATNAA) that must be given as immediate first aid treatment for nerve agent poisoning?
10 .
What is the number of Nerve Agent Antidote Kits (NAAK) that must be given as immediate first aid treatment for nerve agent poisoning?
11 .
Alarms and signals convey warnings of NBC contamination. Units use easily recognizable and reliable alarm methods to respond quickly and correctly to NBC hazards. What are three types of alarms and signals?
12 .
What Field Manual covers NBC Operations?
13 .
What Field Manual covers NBC Protection?
14 .
What Field Manual covers NBC Decontamination?
15 .
What is FM 3-7?
16 .
What forms do Chemical Agents come in?
17 .
Soldiers in MOPP 4 may lose how much water per hour through perspiration?
18 .
When fitting the protective mask, in what sequence should the straps be tightened?
19 .
Which of the NBC reports is most widely used?
20 .
What are the three types of procedures for MOPP gear exchange?
21 .
What are three fundamentals of NBC defense?
22 .
How long should you apply pressure when using the Auto injector?
23 .
What do you do with the Auto injector after injecting?
24 .
The protective mask will not protect against what two types of gases?
25 .
When giving Buddy Aid, whose auto injectors would you use?
26 .
When giving Buddy Aid, how long should you wait if still experiencing the symptoms of Nerve agent, to administer a second nerve agent antidote (MK1)?
27 .
When giving Self Aid, how long should you wait if still experiencing the symptoms of a Nerve Agent before administering a second MK1?
28 .
Once a unit has masked, who can make the decision to unmask?
29 .
What is the shape of the contamination markers?
30 .
What type of attack does an M22 ACADA alarm warn you of?
31 .
What are the three levels of Decontamination?
32 .
How often should you check your protective mask during peacetime?
33 .
What are the dimensions of an NBC marker?
34 .
What are the 9 mild symptoms of nerve agent poisoning?
35 .
What are the 11 severe symptoms of nerve agent poisoning?
36 .
When crossing a contaminated area, what 2 things should you avoid doing?
37 .
Of these 3, Nerve, Blood, and Blister agents, which causes the most casualties?
38 .
How should an area that is suspected of contamination be crossed?
39 .
What are the 3 effects of a nuclear explosion?
40 .
What is the color of a Nuclear (radiological) contamination marker?
41 .
What is the current U.S. policy regarding the use of Nuclear assets?
42 .
What are Flash Burns?
43 .
What causes the most casualties in a nuclear attack?
44 .
What is the difference between Dose Rate and Total Dose?
45 .
Who has the authority to order the use of nuclear weapons?
46 .
What are the 3 types of nuclear bursts?
47 .
What does an AN VDR-2 detect and measure?
48 .
An NBC-1 report is used to determine what?
49 .
What FM covers Nuclear Contamination Avoidance?
50 .
For maximum radiation effect, which nuclear burst would you use?
51 .
What is the best way to protect against Biological agents?
52 .
What is a vector?
53 .
What is the current U.S. policy regarding the use of Biological assets?
54 .
What is meant by Biological Warfare?
55 .
What is the color of a Biological contamination marker?
56 .
What does FM 3-3 cover?
57 .
What are the 4 types of microorganisms found in Biological agents?
58 .
What is the best decontamination for Biological agents?
59 .
Where would a biological attack be most effective?
60 .
How may Chemical Agents be deployed?

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