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Why Was I Denied My Post 9/11 GI Bill Certificate of Eligibility?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: My husband is transferring his 9/11 GI bill to me for my school and I filled out the application once he added my name to transfer his benefits to me but I was denied because they told me that he never put me down for transferring the money to me, which I did see him choose my name and checked the box that he did meet all requirements to do so and they said either it is pending still and hasn’t cleared or it didn’t go through. Well he went back in and clicked my name and did what they told him to do yesterday and I was wondering how long does it take for to approve so that I can refile the 9/11 GI Application? I don’t want to refile and then be denied again cause it didn’t show for me to receive the money. I had to do a Leave of Absence for school until I get this figure out.

A: What your husband should have done is once he got to the TEB area from the milConnect website, was locate your record and entered in the number of months he wished to transfer to you. Once he pressed the SUBMIT button, it should have read “Transfer Pending” in the Status Block.

Periodically, he would have needed to go back into that website and look for a status change to “Transfer Approved”. It could take 8 to 10 weeks before a transfer request is approved.

Once he makes a transfer request and it is approved, then you can go to the eBenefits website and submit VA Form 22-1990e to get your Certificate of Eligibility that you will need when registering as a GI Bill student using transferred benefits.

The first time he did it, either it did not take or his request had not been approved yet when you requested your Certificate of Eligibility. Also, just so you know, what he is transferring is not money, but months of entitlement.

Under the Post 9/11 GI Bill, the VA pays your tuition directly to your school. Monthly, you get a housing allowance that averages $1,300 across the United States. Yours may be more or less depending on if you attend school full-time or not and the zip code of your school. Also once per semester you would get a book stipend calculated at $41.67 per credit. There is a $1,000 per year cap on the book stipend.

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