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Where Can I Appeal My Montgomery GI Bill Delimiting Date?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: I served in the US Air Force from 1996-2000. I am unemployed right now and I wanted to return to school and use my GI Bill benefits. Since it has past ten years since my separation, I just found out I cannot use it. You can see how ultimately frustrating this can be for people that paid into the plan and now cannot use it when they really need it. Is there anything sitting in Congress or any type of bill pending that is requesting an extension of the GI Bill benefits? If not, where can I make a formal petition for such a request? I’m sure many would be falling into my category of missing the eligibility by only a few years and would especially like to see their benefits available in the hard hit economic times.

A: There have been various discussions that would make the GI Bill education benefits available for use for the life of the veteran. However, it seems like it has never gone beyond the talk stage as in my recent memory, no bill has been submitted that would do such a thing, let alone made it to a vote.

Because Congress writes and approves changes to the GI Bill, they would also have to be the one to make the GI Bill “good for life”. There are a couple of ways to make your voice heard. One, contact your congressional legislation from your district and explain to anyone that will listen, your frustration and concern. The other way would be to contact one or more of the veteran service organizations, such as the American Legion or VFW. They have lobbyists on staff at Washington D.C. that lobby for veteran benefits and changes to benefits.

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