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When Will I Get My Post 9/11 GI Bill Housing Allowance Paid?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: Hello, I just started using the benefits of my Post 9/11 GI Bill. I received a letter a few days ago regarding my BAH. I just recently started the Spring semester at my school last month in January. It is now February and I wanted to know when exactly I will receive payments on my housing allowance. In the letter I received, it stated that I will be receiving the monthly housing allowance every month, of the prior month that I am enrolled in the school. I am still awaiting my first payment of my housing allowance. I was told that you receive payment on the 1st of every month. I was wondering if there is an exact date that I can expect the housing allowance to show up in my account, or if the date and time of the payment varies. Please let me know any information that I need. Thank you very much. Very respectful.

A: What you were told is correct – but only after you receive the first payment, which can take 8 to 10 weeks. So if you started school in January, don’t expect to see any Post 9/11 GI Bill money until around the middle of March. If you haven’t received anything by then, call the VA.

As far as when you should receive money, it should come during the first part of each month, but not necessarily the 1st of each month. And yes, what you receive will be for the previous month as the VA is always one month behind in paying. Once you start receiving money, you should see a deposit around the same time each month – at least within the span of a few days. Federal holidays and storm closures can affect the payment schedule like any other Federal agency.

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So basically if you are getting out of the military and going straight to school you’re going to be eating ramen and sleeping under a stairwell for a few months while the VA gets their head out of their fourth point of contact.

Damn this is hella true. I saved enough for 2 years of hard times while i was in the coast guards. I started school in june. It’s almost september. VA cant tell me when i will see money. That’s funny because they sure gave me dates when they wanted me in boot camp, or wanted me deployed but NOW i cant get a date to save my life when they owe ME something. Argggggghhh

The last time I looked Matt, the VA was on a 125 day backlog and working on 915,000 claims and applications, so you should see something soon. You are smart in having enough money to get you by for a while. I see many students get out of the military start school and expect to still get paid on the 1st and 15th. As you are finding out, it doesn’t work that way. Hang in there.

As a related question, will the BAH (MHA) be prorated as well? In other words, if I started school on the 27th of August and can therefore expect my first check sometime in November, will I be paid for 4 days of August and all of September/October?

What is the usual delay between the school getting it’s first payment directly, and the recipient getting his or her first BAH payment. I got the letter, and the school got paid, but I am still a few weeks later with no BAH. Just checking.

It can take up to 10 weeks before you will see any money, however hopefully, it won’t take that long. Because we are not affiliated with the VA, I can’t tell you exactly how long it will take.

I was in the same boat wondering when I would receive my monthly stipend as well as my book allowance. They told me 6-8 weeks before I would possibly see anything. However, they also told me that if I was in a financial crunch and late on bills to fax them a request to place my status in hardship which I guess gets it expedited. I called a week later after faxing a request and spoke to someone and they took care of it on the phone. I was supposed to receive payment last week. Hopefully it will be this week. Should’ve just stuck with the MGIB

so we only get paid once a month? TX BAH is around 1600 give or take a few $ stop me if I’m wrong but don’t E5’s get that 1600 on top of there full pay on the 1st and 15th?

O.K., I’ll stop you because you are wrong. If you are still serving on active duty, then you would not get the Post 9/11 GI Bill housing allowance. The VA would pay your tuition and you would get the book stipend.
However, if you are on active duty, I recommend that you use Tuition Assistance and Tuition Top-Up. Both are great program and will maximize your GI Bill benefits.

Does the VA wait until the end of the term to start processing a housing allowance? I know you have to be a full time student (so earning at least 12 credits for the term), but if it is broken up into two sessions and you are earning 6 credits for each session, I am thinking you will be viewed as a part time student until that second session begins; therefore not qualifying for the housing allowance until that time.

The VA processes the Post 9/11 GI Bill housing allowance at the end of the month and you get paid shortly into the new month. However for calculation purposes the VA uses the number of credits you are taking at any one-time. Because the two 6-credit classes do not overlap (meaning you are only taking 6 credits at any one time), you would not be eligible for any housing allowance provided 6 credits is under the 51% number of credits your school considers to be full-time. If 6 credits does put you over the 51% mark, then you would bet some housing allowance for the entire term.

I am wondering i fi will get the full BAH if i am enrolled in 9 distance hours and 4 resident hours. also if i am reading correctly after being enroller on Jan. 22 i should be expecting to see the BAH payment no later then March 1st?

I started class Jan 4th and my school finally sent in the course verification and the VA says they received it on Jan 28 (Mon) and today, my school finally showed up on my “ebenefits” account under ‘Post-9/11 Enrollment status’. With all this information finally coming together at the VA, when should I expect my first 9/11 payment from the VA will be?

What would have t be included on the letter asking for expediting your housing stipend? I’m sure everyone would poverty to get their money quicker but in our case it’s quite true. We would not be abe to wait 8+ weeks for this. As I’m going to school in FL, would I fax it to the Atlanta Regional Office?

I started school on 15 of last month. I got my first payment which was 1200 yesterday, shouldn’t it be around 800 if the school zip code stated 1600 on BAH calculator for Houston area and i only attended half the month. I thought the VA pays a month behind, is something wrong? should i be expecting the full 1600 end of march?

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