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What Can My Post 9/11 GI Bill Housing Allowance Money Be Used For?

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Q: When you receive the Post 9/11 GI Bill housing allowance is money, is it ONLY to be used for school, or can I use it to pay bills? It’s hard to be a full-time student and pay bills. And do we need to give records of what we spent to the VA?

A: When using the Post 9/11 GI Bill, the VA issues three types of payments per term – one directly to your school for tuition, one each month for housing and one directly for books. The money you get for housing and books can be spent on anything you want.

The amount you get for housing depends on the zip code of your school, the number of credits you take and your Post 9/11 GI Bill tier level. The basis for the calculation is based on current BAH tables, which is based on local housing costs.

The book stipend calculates out at $41.67 per credit per term if you attend a degree-producing course or $83 per month if in a non-degree course such as a vocational school program. For some terms it will be enough to purchase all of your books. However other times, it will not be enough to cover all book costs.

To answer your second question, no the VA does not require any documentation as far as how you spent the money. It is your money to spend as you like.
Just be sure to cover your expenses first before spending the money you get from your GI Bill on other non-educated related purchases. Part of the college experience and growing up is learning how to manage finances.

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