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In My Situation, How Many Days of Post 9/11 GI Bill Entitlement Would I Use Up?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: How are part-time enrolled days calculated when the terms in a semester overlap. For instance, Term C is 2/10/14-4/04/14 and Term D is 3/17/14-5/09/14. So there is an overlap of 19 days, but all still part-time. I am taking 6 hours a semester and 9 hours is full-time. How do used entitlements get calculated in this scenario? I am guessing there would be three different calculations that get added at the end? Respectfully, Joey.

A: You are right Joey. Entitlement use is calculated based on the number of credits you are taking verses the number of credits your school considers full-time. Being you are taking 6 credits, I’m assuming each term is 3 credits.

So your entitlement used in Term C from 2/10/14 to 3/16/14 would be 3/9ths of 35 days or about 12 days. From 3/17/14 to 4/03/14, you would be taking 6 credits for 18 days which would be another 12 days of entitlement use – 6/9ths of 18 days. The final part of Term D would be from 4/05/14 to the end at 5/09/14, 3 credits for 35 days or 12 days of entitlement use – 3/9ths of 35 days. So from an entitlement use, you would use up 36 days of your benefit for Terms C and D.

Something else to know is that to qualify for the Post 9/11 GI Bill housing allowance, you have to take at least 51% of the number of credits your school considers full-time. During the non-overlap portions of your terms, you would not meet the minimum, however for the overlap portion, you would, so you should get 2/3rds of the full housing allowance for those 18 days.

In the end, you do have three separate calculations that get added together for total entitlement use for both terms.

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