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If I Drop a Class, Will I Still Get My Housing Allowance?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: I just started school this semester and I found out I’m taking a class that I don’t need. If I drop the class, it will put me at 9 credits for the semester. Would I still be covered? Are there any penalties for dropping a class?

A: If you drop a class within your school’s drop period, then there isn’t any penalties, however, if you wait and drop it after the official drop period, you may have to pay back the VA for the cost of the class. If this is the first time you will be dropping a class and you are past the drop period, you can use the VA’s one-time/first-time drop where you could drop up to 6-credits with no questions asked.

However, if you have to drop a class again outside of the drop period, then the VA might have you pay for the course depending on the reason for the drop. It sounds like you are most likely still within the drop period, so you should still be O.K.

As far as your Post 9/11 GI Bill housing allowance, if you drop to 9-credits you should still be considered a greater-than-half-time student, so you would still get the full housing allowance.

Just so you know, starting in August your Post 9/11 GI Bill housing allowance will be prorated according to how many credits you take. If your school considers 12 credits to be full time and you are taking 9, you would get 9/12ths of the full housing allowance.

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I just had a quick quetion if anyone could answer. I was taking 17 credits at my school but I had failed a class which was only worht 1 credit ( a four week math class for a semester so out of a five month semester i hade a different math class every month) and now iam at 15 credits this semester and it is about to end. Here is my quetion even though the school is 12 credits full time and iam over it will the failed class tweak my housing allowance even though iam still over the full time mark?

No it shouldn’t. By taking 17 credits when your school considers 12 to be full-time and failing a one-credit class, it shouldn’t cause any issues at all.

if anyone could answer, I am using the post 9/11 GI, and i am in an associates degree program, i only have two classes left to be completed, the two classes are worth 8 credits total, i dont want to enroll in their bachelors program,i need three classes to keep my full time status, what can i do in order to keep getting full Housing allowance

Basically there is nothing you can do. Even taking a third class would not help you because it would not be creditable to your degree plan being you only need two more classes to your AA degree, which is the degree plan the VA has on file. And if it does not apply to your degree plan then the VA would not pay for it and it would then not count as credits toward your Housing allowance.

So unless you are willing to transfer to a BA degree plan and apply your AA credits to that new plan, you will have to settle for 2/3rds of your housing allowance for the final semester. If you decide to go for a BA, then send in VA Form 22-1995 – Request for Change of Program or Place of Training or work it through your VA Certifying Official at your school.

If you do drop a class after the drop period and you pay back the money to the VA do you get the months back to your total?? For instance, if I started with 21 months left and I drop the 2 classes that they certified out of the 5 I took (my mistake) after I repay them will I still have 21 months left on my benefit?

Most likely not. Once the entitlement is used, it normally is not restored under the scenario you presented. If you dropped classes before the drop period ended, then entitlement would be restored.

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