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How Will the MyCAA Changes Affect Me If I’m Already in the Program?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: I recently read that the MyCAA program will be changing in the fall. I already have an account. How will the changes affect me?

Starting on October 25th, the MyCAA program will only accept junior grade servicemembers’ spouses into the program. Covered pay grades include:

  • Enlisted: E1 – E5;
  • Warrant Officer: W1 – W2;
  • Commissioned Officer: O1 – O2.

As Clifford Stanley, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness said today in a Press Release, “The changes announced today reflect a return to the original intent of the program which is to help military spouses, with the greatest need, successfully enter, navigate and advance in portable careers.”

Other changes to the program includes:

  • limiting each eligible spouse up to an amount of $2,000 per year with a $4,000 cap;
  • each eligible spouse must use the funding within a three year period;
  • at the end of the three year each eligible spouse must have earned a license, certification or associates’ degree.

With the DOD making these changes to the MyCAA program, they are “returning to the original intent of the program in a way that is attainable and fiscally responsible for the Defense Department.” In other words, by limiting the program to spouses of junior servicemembers, the program will be able support a larger number of spouses in the pay grades that typically need more family income.

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