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How Will Attending Two Different Schools Affect My Post 9/11 GI Bill Housing Allowance?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: I am going to be getting honorably discharged in June 2012. I am currently under the Montgomery GI Bill and I am trying to switch over to the Post 9/11. Will I need to do this before I get out and if so, what form will I use to accomplish this. Also, after I get out, will I be able to attend 2 different schools at one time under the Post 9/11 and how will this affect my BAH?

A: No, you will not need to switch over to the Post 9/11 GI Bill before you get out (however you can if you want to). You can do it anytime and you have up to 15 years from your last date of discharge to use up your benefits.

To switch, you will need to go to the eBenefits website and submit VA Form 22-1990. In return you would receive a Certificate of Eligibility that you will need when enrolling in school.

As far as attending two schools at once, here is how it works. The school that will be issuing your degree is known as your primary school. The other school where you will attend some classes is the secondary school. You have to work out with your primary school which classes in your degree plan you want to take at the secondary school (and possibly why).

If approved, your primary school will send your secondary school a letter stating which classes you will attend. Once you have finished those classes, your secondary school will send a transcript of the credits to your primary school. Your primary school will post the transcripts to your degree plan crediting you for those classes.

As far as calculating your housing allowance, the VA will use the zip code of your primary school along with the combined number of credits you take at both schools.

2 responses on “How Will Attending Two Different Schools Affect My Post 9/11 GI Bill Housing Allowance?

Hello all. Thanks for all the information. So the housing allowance part, does that mean that I depending on the number of credits I take I can receive double my housing allowance possibly? If so, that would be great as I could get through school much quicker!

I don’t know about doubling as I don’t know what you are currently receiving, but I can tell you the housing allowance rules. Your housing allowance is determined by the zip code of your school and the number of credits you are taking. So if you are taking 5 credits at one school and 6 at another, your total credits would be 11. If part of your credits are online and the rest on campus, the your on-campus school zip code is the one they use to calculate your housing allowance.

If by doubling you mean you are now taking all online classes and getting a maximum of $684 per month, but you plan to attend classes on campus at a local school near you, then yes, you will get significantly more in housing allowance. Whether it will be double or not will depend on the BAH rate for your local school and total number of credits.

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