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If I Attend Two Universites Each Part-time, But Together They Equals Full-time, Will I Get My Full Montgomery GI Bill Benefits?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: Hello, I am in the Air National Guard under the Montgomery GI Bill. My question is, if I attend my current university part-time and another university part-time at the same time equaling full-time status, will I receive my full benefits? If so, what do I need to do? Thank you.

A: You might indeed! How it works when attending two different schools is one school has to be designated as your degree-issuing school; this one is called your primary school. Your other school is your secondary school.

You have to discuss the classes you would like to take at your secondary school with your primary school. Once in agreement, your primary school sends your secondary school a letter informing them of the classes you will take from them. Once you have finished those classes, then your secondary school sends over a transcript of your credits and your primary school applies them to your degree plan.

Credits are cumulative meaning being you are taking credits from two schools, they are added together for a total. As long as your total credits add up to the minimum number of credits your primary school considers to be full-time, you would get the maximum amount.

Regardless of which GI Bill you use, the VA will only approve one degree plan at a time, so by doing it the way I’ve laid out above, you can get credits from both schools applied to one degree plan.

Keep in mind that if you take classes not on your degree plan, that would subtract from your total number of credits and you would most likely not be considered full-time, which means you would get a lesser amount monthly from your MGIB.

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