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Does the Soldiers-to-Teachers Program Still Exist?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: Do we still have the Soldiers to Teachers Program?

A: Yes we do, but it is a DANTES-managed program through the Proud to Serve Again initiative and called Troops to Teachers (TTT). To qualify, your last period of service has to be characterized as Honorable. Basically, the program’s mission is to recruit quality teachers for schools that serve low-income families throughout America . The TTT program helps relieve teacher shortages in critical areas, especially in math, science, special education and other high-need subject areas.

Secondly, the program assists military personnel in making successful transitions to teaching as a second career. The program consists of counseling and referral services to help you find a job teaching pre-Kindergarten through high school. If you agree to teach in one of the critical areas in an impoverished area for at least three years, you could also qualify for either a $5,000 or $10,000 grant.

Just so you know, TTT is not a certification program for you to become a teacher – you have your GI Bill for that financial help. Once you have (or if you already have) your teaching degree and required certifications for the state you are interested in teaching, go ahead and apply.

The Troops to Teachers program is a great way to continue to serve your nation and to help teach and mentor students who do not have a role model to emulate.

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