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Can You Help Me Find a School Where I Can Use My Approved VRAP Funding?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: I been approved for assistance under VRAP. Funding is good for 12 months towards an associate’s degree or certification of training from a community college or technical school. I am seeking an associate’s degree in Internet Marketing, but so far I run into 2 problems. 1. They do not honor VRAP. 2. They tend to be scam sites that take every nickel of Government Funding they can, plus sign you up for student loans. It has been a real burden on finding a good school. I need help finding the right school. I need recommendations.

A: First, Internet Marketing per se is not one of the careers listed in the Department of Labor’s high demand list of occupations, however, Sales and Related Workers, and All Other and Sales Representatives Wholesale and Manufacturing, Except Technical and Scientific Products are listed. So be sure you get approval from the VA that your selected course will be covered under VRAP.

I ran into one situation already where a student wanted to take a Commercial Truck Driving Course under VRAP, but because the school had it listed as a Transportation Driver Course, the VA would not approve it. So it can come down to how your school lists their course and if it matches up to anything on the high demand list of occupations.

With that said, one of the best tools for finding schools that teach courses on the occupation list is to use the College Navigator website. If you do get approved for Internet marketing, click on the Browse Program button. Click on marketing and that will bring up four options of which one is Internet Marketing. Select the rest of your options on the left side of your screen and click the Show Results button. That will produce a list of currently approved schools that accept the VRAP GI Bill funding.

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I’ve contacted two commerical truck driving schools about accepting VRAP and both state theat they have been told VRAP doesn’t apply to them, YET transportation is listed as a critical job skill under VRAP. Anyone know of any schools in Florida accepting VRAP?

I was looking for a Montessori program that would qualify for VRAP benefits. Preschool teacher is a high-demand job, and Montessori teachers are definitely in high demand. How can I get the VA to approve a Montessori Program?

Approving VRAP courses is not a VA responsibility per se. It is a matter of how the course is listed. In the Department of Labor’s High Demand list, it is listed as Pre-School Teacher, so your course would have to be listed as such. Also, the course can’t be taught at a school that also teaches four-year degree programs. I hope this helps.

Part of the issue is the way school list their truck driving courses. On the Department of Labor’s High Demand listing, which is what VRAP uses, it is listed as Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck
. If the course titles and listing don’t match, it isn’t eligible for VRAP, so the trick will be to find a course that matches the HD listing.

I don’t understand why a VRAP approved course canÔÇÖt be taught at a school that also teaches four-year degree programs. Why is this? This special requirement has deemed my application ineligible. I’ve noticed many other vets are asking the exact same thing. Please explain.

Because we are not associated with the VA in any way, I have no insight into why they would have set up the rules like that. It makes no sense to me either, but those are the rules. The program would have been much more user-friendly if they would have included two-year programs taught at four-year schools.

Am having a VERY difficult time finding VRAP approved Real Estate Appraisal Schools any ideas? Thanks.

i just finished a cdl class here in VA that approved my VRAP,i recieved my first month pay in april and should be getting another payment in may,the class cost 4000.00 and my elgibility is current til april of 2014.hope this help anyone interested in persueing a career in truck driving.

HELP!! Need VRAP listing for Minnesota Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck
Drivers..I am seeking to be Cdl training for 18 wheelers..i am located in Mankato..thanks!
Daniel Robb

With you located in Mankato, there are two schools somewhat in your area. Both the Riverland Community College in Austin and the Alexandria Technical School in Alexandria teach Commercial Truck Driving. Because both are 2-year schools, both should be eligible for VRAP.

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