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Can I Use Chapter 35 to Attend a School in the United Kingdom?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: Hello, I’m a 21-year old son of a medically discharged veteran. I’ve received Chapter 35 at a university I attended in MN. I’m wondering whether I am able to continue receiving this benefit internationally. Soon I’ll be attending a university in England (University of Bedfordshire) and I’m not sure if I’d still be eligible? Thanks for your time.

A: There isn’t a restriction on using your Chapter 35 benefits to attend an international school provided the school in on the VA list of approved schools. In checking that list, the University of Bedfordshire is listed as an approved school, so that makes the rest of it easy. Otherwise your school would have to request VA approval which would slow things down considerably.

Since your school is already listed, submit VA Form 22-5490, Dependents’ Application for VA Education Benefits, either online or download the form and send it in according to the instructions.

As you already know, you’ll get $925 per month that you can use to help pay for tuition and fees and you had 45 months of entitlement when you started in the Chapter 35 program. There is an age limitation of 26, so ensure you have used up your entitlement before you attain that age.

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