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Can I Live with My Grandmother and Still Receive Chapter 35 Benefits?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: Do I have to live with my mom & step-dad in order to get benefits? I have been living with my mom & step dad for 10 months after they got married in Jan 2010. I recently filed a claim with a VA certification officer at my college and she said I was under Chapter 35. I was suppose to get like $900 per month and she also back-tracked me for the previous semester that I attended college because I did not claim or get benefits last semester. I didn’t know anything about GI Bill, but I was going to college full-time while my mom was remarried on Jan 7 2010. The school semester started January 20, 2010 & ended June 8th; then it started again Aug 30, 2010 and ends Dec 18th. But if I go to live with my grandmother will I still get benefits?

A: Yes you will still get benefits if you live with your grandmother. Chapter 35 does not dictate where you have to live, however, the VA has to know your address, so they know where to send your check. Under Chapter 35, you can’t set up Direct Deposit, so you will get a check in the mail, hence them needing to know where to send it.

Under Chapter 35, you get 45 months of entitlement paid at $936 per month for a full-time student. Out of that you have to pay your own tuition, fees, books and other education-related expenses. Going to school for 9 months per academic year, you have more than enough entitlement to get a four-year degree. Good luck!

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