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Am I Correct in Understanding the VA Will Pay the Whole $5,050.00?

Author Ron Kness is no longer in the service.

Q: Ron, I transferred my GI Bill benefits to my son and he qualifies for 80% based on my Post-9/11 service. He will be attending Bacone College in Muskogee, OK. The eligible fees per term there according to the GI Bill calculator is $12,046.44. Bacone College has a flat tuition $5,050.00 per semester (12-17 credit hours). Am I correct in my understanding that the VA will pay the whole $5,050.00?

A: The Post 9/11 GI Bill fee amount for Oklahoma is actually $15,058.05 per term, but keep in mind this amount does not include tuition. It covers such things as lab fees, graduation fees, health insurance (if the school requires all students to carry it through them), etc.

As far as tuition, the VA will pay up to $188.60 per credit. If Bacone’s $5,050 amount is just the tuition for 12 credits, that breaks down to $420.83 per credit. The VA will only pay $188.60 of that amount, so you would be responsible for $232.23 per credit the GI Bill would not pay. If some of that $5,050 is for fees, then that would lower the per credit tuition amount left to pay and some of the cost could be covered under the $15,058.05 fee amount per term. It will really depend on how the school breaks down their $5,050 per term cost.

If Bacone is a Yellow Ribbon school, then the school could pay for half of the difference between what they charge and what the GI Bill pays. The VA would pay an equal amount leaving you with very little left to pay out of your pocket. That is provided the program your son is taking is one that is covered by their Yellow Ribbon agreement with the VA.

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