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Extra Duty SOP

To establish the standard operating procedure (SOP) for soldiers on Extra Duty within the unit

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1. PURPOSE: To establish the standard operating procedure (SOP) for soldiers on Extra Duty within the ______.

2. APPLICABILITY: This SOP applies to all soldiers that are assigned or attached to the _____.


a. AR 27-10

b. Commander’s Legal Guide


a. The commander and 1SG are responsible for:

(1). Providing the Staff Duty NCO (SDNCO) with the names of the soldiers scheduled to report for Extra Duty.

(2). Providing any special instructions to the Staff Duty.

b. Staff Duty NCO is responsible for:

(1). Ensuring the extra duty personnel execute their duties to standard and are constantly employed during their extra duty.

(2). Checking all extra duty areas to ensure that they meet the standard.

(3). Reporting soldiers that fail to execute instructions to standard or malinger on duty.

c. HQ Platoon Sergeant is responsible for ensuring that all cleaning supplies are on hand to accomplish extra duty.



(1). Extra duty is a punishment. These duties may be required to be performed at anytime and for any length of time. The duties may include performance of fatigue duty or any other duty.

(2). The hours established within the _______ Company for extra duty are:

a. Weekdays: 1800 – 2330 hours

b. Weekends and Holidays: 0900-1800 hours.

c. Soldier will be afforded the opportunity to eat chow on weekends and holidays from 1100-1200 hours.

d. Soldiers will be allowed to take a 10 minute break every hour. The break will begin at exactly 10 minutes prior to the hour and end exactly on the hour. The break is not optional and will be taken in front of the orderly room.

e. Soldiers on extra duty will not engage in casual conversation with other soldiers.

(3). If a soldier fails to execute his/her duties to standard or malingers these hours may be extended by the 1SG or Commander. At no time will the SDNCO make this decision. The SD will log any problems or substandard performance in his log.

B. Daily Instructions: The SDNCO will ensure that the following areas are cleaned by the extra duty personnel. These areas will be inspected by the SDNCO. If the areas are not up to standard when the 1SG inspects the SDNCO will be required to bring the areas up to standard.

(1). Commander’s/1SG Office: No soldier on extra duty will be allowed unsupervised access to the commander’s or 1SG office.

a. floors: cleaned, mopped, swept, and waxed (highly shined)

b. trash can emptied

c. all furniture dusted

d. all windows washed and free of streaks

(2). PAC Office: will meet the same standards are the Commander’s/1SG’s office.

(3). Latrine:

a. all walls completely wiped down to include removing of writing, stains, dust, and etc.

b. urinals and toilets will be cleaned inside and out. All stains will be removed.

c. at least 2 rolls of toilet paper will be maintained in each stall

d. paper towels and soap will be available in sufficient quantities

e. clean all mirrors

f. clean all sinks to include the base of the sink

g. turn in work orders on all unserviceable equipment

h. floors will be swept, mopped, and any build up removed

i. empty trash can and replace clean trash bag

(4). Common Areas: will be swept, mopped, and highly shined.

(5). Police Call Areas: the area immediately surrounding the company orderly, the large parking lot adjacent to the orderly room, and the billet area to include the parking lot will be policed daily. This includes sweeping the area and removing all debris from the area.

C. Specific Instructions: At times the unit commander or 1SG may have additional instructions for the extra duty personnel. It is your responsibility as the SDNCO to check with these individuals prior to COB. These instructions may override the your daily instructions. If this occurs your runner is responsible for cleaning the areas listed under daily instructions.

D. Failure to enforce or obey policies and procedures in this SOP are punishable under the UCMJ.









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