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Wear And Appearance Of The Uniform

Obtain a broad based scope of basic uniform requirements per the newly implemented AR 670-1

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Wear And Appearance Of The Uniform

Are You In Compliance?…

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Terminal Learning Objective

Obtain a broad based scope of basic uniform requirements per the newly implemented AR 670-1.

Enabling Learning Objectives

Identify and implement standards for uniform fit and appearance

Identify and implement standards for general grooming

Identify and implement standards for accessories while in uniform

The Importance

“The Army is a uniformed service where discipline is judged…by the manner in which a soldier wears a prescribed uniform…[and] the individual’s personal appearance.”

AR 670-1

Chap 1, Para 1-7

Uniform Fit and Appearance

Must fit properly, not tightly

Must be clean, serviceable, and pressed (starch is not necessary)

Footwear must be clean and shined

Uniform Fit (cont.)

Articles should not protrude from pockets or have a bulky appearance

Keys or electronic devices are authorized for wear on the uniform as prescribed by the commander

Must be associated with performance of duty

Must be worn on the belt, belt loop, waistband, or otherwise obstructed from view.

General Grooming

This section will cover standards for:



Hair color

Facial hair



Standards for Hair

While there are many acceptable ways to wear the hair, it must be neat and conservative. Leaders at all levels are responsible for ensuring the standard is met.


This means you


Extreme or trendy haircuts or hairstyles are not acceptable

Male haircuts:

Will present a tapered appearance

Not fall over the ears, eyebrows, or touch the back of the collar

Should not interfere with the proper wear of headgear and protective mask

Hairstyles (cont.)

NOTE: While males are authorized to have hair shaved to the scalp, they are not authorized to have braids, cornrows, or dread locks. Males may also wear wigs or hairpieces in uniform to cover natural baldness or physical deformity. These items will conform to standards list above.

Hairstyles (cont.)

Female hairstyles:

Will be well groomed with a neat appearance

Will not fall over the eyebrows or extend below the bottom of the collar

That are distinctly unbalanced are prohibited (asymmetrical)

Will not interfere with proper wear of headgear or protective mask

Hairstyles (cont.)

Here is an example of a well groomed hairstyle

Hairstyles (cont.)

Hair holding devices are for the sole purpose of securing the hair

Devices should be plain and clear or close to the soldier’s hair color

Large, excessive, conspicuous, or decorative devices are not authorized


Ponytails or pigtails not secured to the head are not authorized!!

Hairstyles (cont.)

Extensions, weaves, wigs and hairpieces are authorized as long as they conform with the standards for natural hair

Braids and cornrows are authorized

The style must be conservative

The style must lie or fit snugly on the head

Dreadlock are not authorized

Hair Color

Dyes, tints, and bleaches should result in natural colors

Colors that are extreme or detract from a professional appearance are unauthorized

Prohibited colors include, but are not limited to:

Purple, blue, pink, green, orange, bright red

Fluorescent or neon colors

Facial Hair

Male must be clean shaven

Side burns will cut in a horizontal line not to extend below the lowest part of the ear opening

Mustaches are permitted

They must be neatly trimmed and not present a bushy appearance

No portion of the hair will cover the lip or extend beyond the corners of the mouth

Facial Hair (cont.)

Facial Hair (cont.)

Handlebar mustaches, goatees, beard are not permitted

If any facial growth is permitted because of medical treatment, length must be specified and adhered to


All personnel will keep nails clean and neatly trimmed


Nails will not extend beyond the fingertips

No nail polish, including clear


Nails will not exceed ¼” past the fingertip (shorter if directed by commander)

Fingernails (cont.)

Nail polish will be conservative and complementary to the skin tone and uniform

Soldier are not permitted to have nail designs or two-tone colors

Some extreme colors include, but are not limited to:

Purple, blue, black, white, bright red, khaki, camouflage colors, neon colors, or fluorescent colors


Males are prohibited from wearing cosmetics of any kind

Females are authorized to wear cosmetics in any duty uniform

They must be conservative and complement the uniform and complexion

Eccentric, exaggerated, or trendy cosmetics are prohibited

Permanent makeup (eyeliner, etc.,) is authorized, but must be within the standard


This section will cover:

Religious articles




ID tags and security badges

Religious Articles

Religious articles, apparel, or jewelry may be worn with the uniform if it is neat, conservative, and obstructed from sight.

Articles may displayed in uniform as part of a worship service

Religious headgear must be plain in color and be completely covered by military headgear


All soldiers may wear a wristwatch, a wrist ID bracelet, and two rings.l

All jewelry must be conservative and good taste

Body piercing is not authorized for any soldier

Females may wear earrings

Gold, silver, or white pearl balls

Round diamonds

Will not exceed ¼” in diameter


Conservative prescription eyeglasses are permitted

Conservative prescription/nonprescription sunglasses are permitted in garrison, while outdoor, but not in formation

Neither eyeglasses or sunglasses should be faddish, have adornments, or trendy colored frames or lenses.

Eyewear (cont.)

Contact lenses are permitted,

except when they alter the color of the eye

or the shape of the iris.


Tattoos of an extreme, racist, sexist, or indecent nature are prohibited

Tattoos that are visible in the Class A uniform are prohibited

Soldiers that are not in compliance must be counseled and may be discharged

ID Tags and Security Badges

ID tags will be worn around the neck when in a field environment, while traveling in an aircraft and when outside the continental United States

Personnel will wear security badges only the areas for which they are required and will not hang other items from them


It is our responsibility as Noncommissioned Officers to uphold and enforce the standard and personal integrity and moral courage are the keys to do it!!!!


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