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DWI Safety Brief


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Ever wonder why DWI is illegal?


“I don’t have far to go”

“I don’t feel any effects”

“I’m more alert after a few drinks”

“Coffee will sober me up”

“I just need some fresh air”

“I’ll drive slowly and carefully”

“I’ve only been drinking beer

The Drunk Driver is not the only
one at risk….We all are.
How to Spot a Drunk Driver

Drive with the window rolled down in the cold

Weave, hit curbs or other objects near the road

Pass dangerously close to other cars

Forget to use headlights

Make wide turns


Tips for Hosts and Hostesses

Don’t make drinking the main focus

Provide food when alcohol is served

Don’t push drinks

Know that drunkenness is neither healthy, safe or amusing

Assume responsibility for your guests

Insure designated drivers don’t drink

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