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Unit Rail Loading Class


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Rail/Line Haul



Rail Team Organization

Risk Assessments

Medical support

Safety support

Ground guides


PPE/Load teams


Standards of Conduct



High hazard activity

Local policy

Strong chain of command presence

Effective rail operations organization

Safety support structure

Medical support


Rail/Line Haul

Rail Team Organization

Dedicated rail team to run operation

Not linked to unit on the railhead

Composition varies


Recovery assets

Maintenance assets

Liaison with ITO/DTO

Only ITO/DTO coordinates with Railroad company

Rail/Line Haul

Rail/Line Haul

Medical Support

Emergency medical support on station at all times

91W, Combat Lifesaver

Dedicated ambulance or evacuation vehicle

Strip map to medical treatment facility

Identify location during briefing

Safety Support

Safety briefing before operations given by Rail OIC

Identify safety officer/NCO

Dedicated safety officer/NCO on each spur

Safety officers will not have other duties

Safety officers will stop unsafe acts

Senior safety staff oversight

Safety input from ITO/DTO

Rail/Line Haul

Ground Guides

3 ground guides per vehicle

1 on the rail car in front of the rail car the vehicle is traveling on

1 on each side of the rail car on the ground

Ground guides on the ground will be 10-15 feet from the vehicle

Ground guides will never be on the same car as the vehicle

Avoid being between 2 vehicles during chain down

Ground guides must be situationally aware continuously

Only the front ground guide will control movement

Ground guide will continuously maintain eye contact will driver

No running or walking backwards on a rail car at any time

Rail/Line Haul


Vehicles that won’t start

Vehicles that have flat tires or thrown track

Recovery capability, M88, forklifts, winch

Maintenance contact team

Repair most any problem to get vehicle off track

If its something small, it can be lifted off

Rail/Line Haul

Rail/Line Haul

Rail/Line Haul


Poorly designed piece of equipment

Must be placed with kick plate in the direction of travel

Must not move during movement of vehicle

Do not stop vehicles on spanners

Do not take running start to go over spanners

Rail/Line Haul

Standards of Conduct

No horseplay

Personnel will stay clear of rail cars while they are docking/moving

Designated smoke and break areas

No smoking in rail operational area

No POVs, parked in designated areas

Do not move between or underneath rail cars

Drivers will not move vehicles except under the control of ground guide

All vehicles 2.5T and larger will have ground guide in rail area

Only driver in vehicle

Driver will stop when he loses contact with ground guide

If rail cars start moving, cease operations

Cease operations during lightning/electrical storms

Rail/Line Haul

Special Considerations

Only qualified/licensed drivers

Keep all personnel away from power lines

Remove or tie down antennas

Antennas must have caps

No standing on top of vehicles, 3 points of contact

No jumping off of rail cars or vehicles

Chain down process

Inclement weather plan (Hot/Cold)

Rest Plan

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