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Unit Armorer Sustainment Training

To provide sustainment training for unit armorer’s and assistant armorer’s. Review Physical Security Requirements and Forms. Review POF and Ammunition Requirements. Review PMCS and Service Requirements.

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Unit Armorer Sustainment Training


The M.A.I.T.

Maintenance Assistance and Instruction Team.

Retired Military with more then 100 years of experience collectively

Course Objective

To provide sustainment training for unit armorer�fs and assistant armorer�fs.

Review Physical Security Requirements and Forms.

Review POF and Ammunition Requirements.

Review PMCS and Service Requirements.

Arms Room Construction

Verified by qualified engineer personnel. Statements prepared on DA Form 4064-R.

Indicate highest construction category (Class I, II, III, IV AA&E).

Affixed on inside wall

Revalidated by engineer personnel every 5 years.

Arms Room Personnel

Commanders will determine the reliability and trustworthiness of personnel before they are assigned duties involving control of AA&E. (Para 2-11)

Continued evaluation of AA&E personnel.

Repeated every 3 years.

Required Forms and Regulations

SF 702 (Security Container Check Sheet)

DA Form 4930-R (Alarm Intrusion Detection Record)

DA Form 5513-R (Key Control Register and Inventory)

DA Form 3749 (Equipment Receipt)

DA Form 7281-R (Security Screening and Evaluation Record)

Required Forms and Regulations

AE Form 190-13l (Issue of Weapon and Ammunition) Not Intended to be used to replace applicable regulations!

AE Form 190-13H (G) Personnel/Vehicle Record of Admission (Obsolete Not replaced)

Access Control
(AR 190-11)

Unaccompanied Access. (Persons authorized access without escort.)

Accompanied Access. (Authorized Access only with escort.)

Key and Lock Control
(AR 190-11)

Padlocks and keys Inventoried semiannually.

Inventory records maintained for 1 year.

Authorized personnel to sign for keys.

After duty hours location for storing keys.

(Unit safe, Higher HQ, MP station)

Storage Container for arms room keys. (minimum: 20 gauge steel with 200 series lock)

Inventory and Accountability

Monthly Serial Number Inventories.

Person may not be involved with arms room.

Armorer may not conduct inventory.

1LT or above, NCO: SFC and above.

Same person cannot conduct inventory two months consecutively.

Maintained 2 years (no discrepancies) 4 years with discrepancies). (AR 190-11 Chap 6).

Inventory and Accountability

PHRH has direct responsibility for property.

Hand receipts required whenever property book or durable items are issued.

When end item issued on a change document has component shortages, a shortage annex is prepared.

Signature establishes direct responsibility.

Inventory must be conducted when hand receipt holder is replaced.

Temporary hand receipt holder appointed for extended periods of leave (excess of 30 days).

Joint inventory conducted upon departure and return.

Inventory and Accountability

Any component shortages must be recorded and placed on order.

Use hand receipt annex to record shortages.

Document number of requests for shortages included in block �eb�f of DA Form 2062.

Assure items are on order, simplify reconciliation.

Accepts responsibility for end item and component by signing the component hand receipt.

Preparer keeps copy, sub-hand receipt holder keeps file copy.

Keep current.

Post changes as they occur or use change document.

Weapon Control

Must be on Master Authorization List (MAL).

Issued with DA Form 3749, AE Form 190-13I, or DA Form 2062.

Individuals may only sign for their assigned weapon.

< 24 hours, issued on AE Form 190-13I.

> 24 hours, on DA Form 3749 required.

Crew served weapons: designated crew member.

Ammunition Storage
USAREUR Reg 385-64

Risk Assessment prior to storing Ammo.

Coordinated with BSB, ASG safety, logistics, security, fire protection and surveillance personnel.

Copy posted in Arms Room, reviewed annually.

Ammunition Storage
USAREUR Reg 385-64

HAZMAT symbols displayed.

Licensed by ASG, BSB safety manager.

> 50 km from ASP / AHA �cup to seven days.

<50 km from ASP / AHA �c Kept overnight, when necessary over a weekend, but not more than 72 hours.

Ammunition Storage
USAREUR Reg 385-64

21st TSC G1 Safety Website

AMI required annually by USAREUR

AMI Checklist:

Use checklist to compare yourself to standards.

Mr. James Barton III, Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammunition Surveillance)DSN (314) 484-7319

P.O.F. Requirements
AE 190-13 Para 3-23

Establish quantity and types of POF stored.

Post policy and host-nation ownership info on unit bulletin board.

All privately owned weapons registered with USAREUR central registry (AE Reg 190-6).

Secured in approved arms room and approved locked container separated from other AA&E.

Monthly inventory as military AA&E.

DA Form 3749 issued for each POF in arms room.

P.O.F. Requirements
AE Reg 190-13

When stored in arms room, must be able to be inventoried by serial number.

Tagged to show:

Name, Grade, SSAN, DEROS, Make, Caliber or Gauge, Serial Number of Weapon, Registration Number, Expiration of Registration. (AE Reg 190-6 Para 15[2])

Withdraw POF and ammunition only with commander approval.

Approval to withdraw only if individual has:

Waffenbezitkarte (German Weapons Permit).

Shipping weapon back to CONUS.

Intends to sell, transfer, or dispose of weapon.

NVD Requirements
AE Reg 190-13

Cabinets meet same criteria as those used to store arms inside arms room.

NVD cabinet keys must be controlled at all times. Maintained and issued separately from other keys.

NVD/GPS Security
AE Reg 190-13

At minimum, stored in secure structure complying with AR 190-51 Appendix B.

Segregated from other items using approved metal wall lockers, security cabinets, or caging.

Material => 6 gauge cold-drawn steel, steel wire mesh (grid not more then 2 inches center to center.

Bolts welded or peened.

Anchored to the floor.

Extend to ceiling or have a top.

Security of Bayonets

Sealed or locked footlocker or container inside unit arms room.

Copy of inventory must be placed inside container before sealing it.

Original kept in inventory records.

Inventoried monthly with weapons.

Hazard Communication Standard


29 CFR 1910.1200, OSHA General Industry Standards, Subpart 2

Army Regulation 385-10

AE Regulation 385-10

AE 385-10 provides guidance for the implementation of the Hazard Communication Standard in USAREUR.

Hazard Communication Standard

Education and Training.

All military and civilian personnel exposed to hazardous chemicals or materials will receive HAZCOM briefings from the BSB safety office or the unit representatives.

Supervisors will brief workers on hazards and HAZCOM procedures in the workplace.

Training will be documented on DD Form 1556.

Hazard Communication Standard

Written Hazard Communication Program

Program at the unit level will include as a minimum:

Labeling and warning sign procedures.

Location and use of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Soldiers and civilians training on hazardous chemicals in the workplace and use of the MSDS.

Hazard Communication Standard

Supervisor Responsibilities:

Hazard chemical/material inventory.

Hazard chemical labeling.

Workplace assessment to determine those personnel who work with or are exposed to hazardous material or chemicals.

Ensure personnel receive HAZCOM briefings (App. A, AE 385-10).

Hazard Communication Standard


All containers must be labeled.

If labels are defaced or removed, containers must be relabeled immediately.

Exception: Small quantities intended for immediate use, under the constant control of the intended user. Container cannot be left unattended or be transferred to another party.

Hazard Communication Standard

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 29CFR1910.1200 (g).

Required for each hazardous chemical used in the workplace.

Not required for cleaning products when they are used in normal quantities for their intended purposes.

Must be in English-additional copies may be provided in other languages.

Specific MSDS for each product.

Hazard Communication Standard

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) 29CFR1910.1200 (g).

Must be readily available in the workplace.

Readily Available?

No barriers to access – real or perceived.

Computers may be used if ALL personnel are trained and capable or retrieving the data. Must have a backup if PC fails.

Available at all times when personnel are working.

Hazard Communication Standard

General Safety Guidance: Storage:

Maintain only the minimum required amount of hazardous materials.

Obtain the MSDS for every hazardous material. This is required for safe handling, usage, storage, and waste disposal.

Segregate hazardous material storage by hazard type and as recommended on the MSDS. (flammable, corrosive, etc.)

Army and USAREUR Regulations

AR/AE Sup 750-1, Army Materiel Maintenance Policy and Retail Maintenance Operations.

DA Pam 750-1, Leaders Unit Maintenance Handbook.

*DA Pam 738-750, Functional Users Manual for The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS).

* Use is required by AR 750-1 hence, procedures contained in this reference is REGULATORY!

Army and USAREUR Regulations incl, Supplement and Pam

Technical Manual (TM)
– PMCS Tables
– Troubleshooting Tables
– Lubrication Instructions
– Maintenance Allocation Charts

Technical Bulletin (TB) (TB 43-PS-XXX)

Standing Operating Procedures (SOP)

Publications Resources

(DA PAM 25-30, ETMs, etc.)

TM 9-1005-213-10 = Operator/crew only

TM 9-1005-319-23&P = Maintenance and Parts

TM 9-2320-280-10HR = Hand Receipts

PMCS Requirements

All items requiring periodic services must be in ULLS-G.

Periodic Service Schedule List from ULLS-G Clerk or Motor Sergeant.

ULLS-G must be used when available.

(AR 750-1)

PMCS Requirements

Status symbols used for weapons maintenance. (- / X X -Last Name Initial).

DA Form 5988-E. Recording operator/crew PMCS.

One DA Form 5988-E for each weapon service.

DA Form 5990-E Work Order Request.

Ten like items may placed on same work request.

Conducting Periodic Services and Annual Gauging.

Job Ordering Weapons To DSU

Weapons meet 10/20 standard.

Clean and inspect before taking them to support.

Weapon is completely assembled.

Weapon tagged with unit number, serial number, POC, and job order number.

Job Ordering Weapons To DSU

Take both barrels for M2, M240B, and M249 machine guns.

Ensure you have proper signatures on work order.

Don�ft turn in more then 10 work orders per day unless pre-approved.

For gauging, don�ft put more then 10 LIKE weapons on DA Form 5990. List serial numbers in �eRemarks�f section.

Ordering Parts

Essential repair parts that keep the unit�fs critical equipment operational.

Commander is the approving authority for PLL.

All repair parts are serviceable; authorized quantities are on-hand or valid request.

Preclude waste of valuable resources.

PLL is kept to support 15 days operations.

Order service parts ahead of time (by admin number).

PLL Ordering Parts

Ordering Parts�cParts Manuals for items needed. (SMR codes, Useable On Codes, Quantity Required, Priority).

Parts ordered for each weapon separately.

Coordination with PLL Clerk/Motor Sergeant.

Post-Post transactions.

Common Mistakes on DA Form 5988-E

DA Form 5988-E

DA Form 5988-E

DA Form 5988-E

DA Form 5988-E

DA Form 5988-E

DA Form 5988-E

DA Form 5988-E

“I’m Not Getting My Parts”

DA Form 5988 Practical Exercise

Let’s See What We Learned….


You are conducting a quarterly service on an M16A2. Use the appropriate TM to conduct the Service. During the PMCS the following faults were noted. Annotate the discrepancies on DA Form 5988-E.

Weapon dirty

Finish worn, less then 1/3

Rear receiver pin loose.

Charging handle does not lock in place.

Forward assist slips

Bolt ring missing, bolt face pitted.

Firing pin bent

Sling swivel

Fails function check

Annual gauging is overdue

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