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Wound Treatment Class


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Exposed Wound

Grasp Dressing

White Side Down

Pull Open

Hold And Wrap

Elevate Leg

Improvise Dressing

Application Of Tourniquet
(Tying of Half-Knot)

Application of Tourniquet
(Positioning Stick)

Application Of Tourniquet
(Full-Knot on Stick)

Secure Stick

In Full View

Opposite Side

Lying Face Down

Tail Wrapped Horizontally

Opposite Direction

Tie Tails
(Do Not Cover the Eyes or Ears)

On Top of Head

Wrap Under the Chin

Cross Tails

Second Tail

Position Dressing

Wrap One Tail

Secure Dressing

Hold in Place

Shake Open

Place Over Plastic

Wrap Tails Around the Body

Tying a Nonslip Knot

Injured Side

On Back with Knees Up

White Side Down

Tie Tails

Knees Up