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SAI's vs. STD's


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SAI’s vs. STD’s






SAI’s and STD’s

Genital Warts


Hepatitis B

Nongonoccal Urethritis

Sexually Acquired Infections



Multiple simultaneous infections

No cures

Get Early Treatment

If you don’t know where to find help, call the Personal Health Advisor at 0800-825-1600, a 24 hour hotline.

Talk to your doctor so you can be checked for infection.

Tell your partner to get treatment so they won’t spread the disease or re-infect you.

Get Early Treatment

Take precautions during treatment and consult your doctor or clinic about when it’s safe to have sex again.

Take all your medications because even if you feel better, germs may still be in your body and the STD won’t be cured.

Don’t share medications because each STD is unique and requires its own treatment.

Facts to Remember

You can, and often may, have more than one STD at once.

STDs can be painful but some are painless so a person can be unaware that he or she has a disease.

You never develop an immunity to STDs, no matter how many times you have them.

Also, some STDs have no cure.

Facts to Remember

A person can never have an STD without his or her sexual partner also being exposed to the STD

Condoms are NOT 100% guaranteed to prevent any STD

Hepatitis B is the only STD that is prevented by immunizations.

Facts to Remember

The most serious consequences of STDs, with the exception of HIV/AIDS, are experienced by women.

The most important, long-term effect of the rising incidence of STDs may be their contribution to male/female infertility.

STDs present during pregnancy or birth can harm or kill the fetus or infant.

Plan Ahead for Safer Sex

Plan ahead so you feel and act more comfortable and at ease.

Practice What You’ll Say and Do

First, decide what you’ll say to your partner and rehearse in front of a mirror.

Get used to handling condoms so things go smoothly later on.

Set the Stage

Be sure to keep a supply of condoms handy by the bed, or in your pocket or purse.

You may find using a news or magazine story about condoms or AIDS helps you bring up the subject of safer sex.

Say You Want to Play Safe

Be honest. Say you want to be cautious because you care about both of you.

Remember, sex is more enjoyable if you have peace of mind.

Choose Safer Sex

Alcohol and other drugs- They lower inhibitions and affect your judgement, leaving you vulnerable to unsafe sex.

Sharing IV drug needles spreads infection directly.


End the Silence

Listen, Learn, Live!

How HIV is Spread

Body fluids of an infected person that spread HIV:



Vaginal fluid

Breast milk

How HIV is Not Spread

HIV is not spread through everyday casual contact.

HIV Infection

People infected with HIV:

May look healthy

May feel healthy

Or may have symptoms that are like other illnesses

But they can infect others even though they don’t look or feel sick

Alcohol, Drugs and HIV

Drinking alcohol or taking drugs may make people take the following HIV related risks:

Having sex without using a latex condom.

Sharing needles and syringes.

Stopping the Spread of HIV

No Sex

No injection drug use.

Sex exclusively with an uninfected partner and neither partner are injection drug users.

If people have sex, using latex condoms the right way every time, it reduces the risk of HIV and other STDs.

AIDS Statistics HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report, CDC and P, June 1999

There is an estimated 650,000-900,000 HIV-infected Americans.

40,000 Americans are infected each year

1 in 250 Americans is HIV-positive.

Over 420,000 Americans have died of AIDS.

AIDS Statistics HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report, CDC and P, June 1999

Three most common modes of exposure

men who have sex with men

injection drug use

heterosexual contact through sexual contact with injection drug users.

AIDS Statistics UNAIDS, WHO, 1 Dec 99
The Global Pandemic

More than 15,000 people are newly infected with HIV each day

An estimated 33 million people are living with HIV or AIDS today. 9 out of 10 don’t know they’re infected.

Cumulative AIDS deaths through 1999 = 16.3 million.

Key Points, American Red Cross

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.

AIDS is a result of HIV infection.

HIV can be prevented.

HIV is not spread through casual contact.

People cannot get HIV when they give blood.


A negative antibody test means

You are not infected with HIV or

You have recently been infected with HIV and can infect others, but the test did not yet detect antibodies.

A positive antibody test means

You are infected with HIV

You can infect others


When people develop AIDS, they may get illnesses that healthy people don’t get.

Only a doctor can diagnose AIDS.

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