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Medical Treatment of Enemy Prisoner of War

Authorized Care and Medical Care

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Each camp will provide adequate personnel, materials and facilities, for adequate routine and emergency care of EPWs.

Patients requiring hospital treatment will be moved, if possible to a civilian hospital, if unavailable, US military hospitals can be used.


Sickcall for the EPWs desiring medical attention will be held each day.

Emergency treatment will be available at all times.

No experimental research will be conducted on EPWs.

Medical and dental care, including dentures and glasses, will be provided IAW AR 40-3.


Hygiene and sanitation measures will conform to those found in AR 40-3. Camp Commander’s will conduct periodic sanitary inspections

All EPWs will have 24 hr latrine facilities available that meet Army standards


The medical records and forms used for care of US Army personnel will be used for EPWs.

Medical and dental records will accompany EPWs when they are transferred (make a copy for your records)


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