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Unit Counseling Program Class


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Subordinate-centered communication that outlines actions necessary for subordinates to achieve individual and organizational goals.

Why should counseling lead to the achievement of goals?

Subordinate-Centered (Two-Way) Communication

Subordinates assume an active role in the counseling sessions and maintain responsibility for their actions. The following skills assist leaders in subordinate-centered counseling:

Active listening



Why should the subordinate be active in the session?

The Leader as a Counselor

Leaders have a responsibility to develop their subordinates.

During counseling, the leader acts primarily as a helper, not a judge.

When should a leader counsel to develop subordinates?

How can a leader be both an evaluator/judge and a helper/counselor?

The Leader as a Counselor (con’t)

The following qualities help the leader to assume an effective role during a counseling session:

Respect for subordinates

Self and cultural awareness



How do these qualities assist leaders in counseling?

The Reason for Counseling

To help subordinates develop in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

This overriding theme of “subordinate development” includes helping subordinates to improve (or maintain) performance, solve problems, or attain goals.

Counseling requirements are also integrated into the evaluation system.

Event-Oriented Counseling

Counseling centers around a specific event or situation and is personal in nature

Examples include:

Reception and Integration – Promotion Counseling

Corrective Training – Referrals

Separation – Crisis

Positive Performance

Performance Counseling

Includes OER / NCOER / TAPES counseling requirements

FM 22-100 (Chapter 2, 1999 version) outlines values, attributes, skills, and actions

FM 22-100 (Appendix B, 1999 version) establishes performance indicators for the 23 leadership competencies

Professional Growth Counseling

Includes Pathway to Success and Career Field counseling

Counseling is future oriented based on an established time line

Cultural Awareness and Diversity

Mental attribute of a leader

Leaders should focus on the similarities and differences between individuals

Leaders need to make use of the different talents individuals with different backgrounds bring to the team

Cultural Awareness Within the Unit Counseling Program

What leader actions demonstrate genuine concern about cultural awareness within a unit?

What command climate indicators give an indication of the level of cultural awareness within the unit?

Cultural Awareness Within the Unit Counseling Program (con’t)

How does an effective unit counseling program reinforce/emphasize cultural awareness between leaders and subordinates?

What do you do once a situation that denigrates another person is identified?

Cultural Awareness Within the
Unit Counseling Program (con’t)

What are some leader’s actions that support cultural awareness within the unit?

A Unit Counseling Program Should:

Strengthen the Chain of Command

Clarify policies and procedures

Reinforce standards

Prevent rumors

Praise success

Avoid surprises

Develop responsible subordinates

Performing the Assessment

Query personnel from the unit as part of normal conversation

Review counseling records

Observe counseling sessions

Use a survey instrument

Improving a Unit Counseling Program

Develop a plan to improve the program

Implement the plan

Follow-up with an assessment of the results of the plan

The Unit Counseling Program

A company level leader’s responsibility

A dynamic system of skilled leaders helping subordinates to develop

Takes time, energy, and effort to build and sustain

An investment in leader development and the unit

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