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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Presentation

Identify ADAPCP Objectives

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Prevention and Control

Class Objective


ADAPCP Objectives

Desired behavior (non-abuse) versus abuse and consequences of abuse

Counseling and treatment resources

ADAPCP Policies –


Referral & screening


ADAPCP Objectives

Prevent alcohol & drug abuse

Provide prevention education

Identify abusers early

Rehabilitate or discharge abusers

Achieve maximum productivity, reduce absenteeism and retain good soldiers through prevention and control program

Provide programs to achieve these ADAPCP objectives

Consequences of Abuse

Impaired effectiveness and poor health

Limited performance and advancement

Administrative action &/or discharge

Judicial (UCMJ) action &/or discharge

Counseling And Treatment Resources

ADAPCP – clinical counselors

Other installation resources –

Medical personnel


Family support counselors

Community organizations

Social service agencies

Alcoholics anonymous

Treatment programs

ADAPCP Policies


Referral and screening


Methods of Identification

Voluntary or self identification

Command identification

Biochemical identification

Medical identification

Investigation or apprehension

Referral and Screening

Command referrals


Other referrals

such as community agencies


Referral Responsibilities

Advise soldier of rights (Art 31, UCMJ)

Explain limited use policy for ADAPCP

Interview soldier and explain evidence

Give soldier opportunity to provide additional evidence voluntarily

Collect illegal drugs/materials voluntarily released; transfer to provost marshal

Rehabilitation Decisions

Command counseling

Referral to counseling activity

Enrollment in track I –

awareness training

Group counseling

Enrollment in track II –

nonresident rehabilitation

Individual or group counseling

Enrollment in track III –

medical evaluation

Resident rehabilitation

Nonresident follow-up

Rehabilitation Objectives

Restore abuser to effective duty

Identify abusers who cannot be rehabilitated and refer them to their commanders for separation

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